World War I And The Rise Of Dictatorship

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1. When a country is in stress, dictatorships tend to rise. When a country is in a crisis, it is more likely that dictatorship will be accepted. World War I and the events of the following years brought crisis in a variety of countries. This lead to the rise of Dictatorships. The two most brutal dictatorships after the First World War were Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Since Germany was in such chaos, they were willing to accept Nazi dictatorship. And the Great Depression also devastated their economy and this crisis forced them to accept dictatorship. Basically, dictatorship was all because of World War I.
2. Communism was a political theory created by Karl Marx. In communism, all property and resources is publicly owned and individual people
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The Bolshevik Revolution was in Russia and began in 1917. It was started by millions of people who were motivated to change the history of the world. But when Czar Nicholas II forced over 11 million peasants to fight in World War I, the Russian people lost confidence with their injuries and the loss of life. This left Russia in ruins, ready for revolution. The Bolshevik Party then fought hard for their Freedom. The Bolshevik Party was joined by soviets, peasants, and workers who wanted to make their own decisions. And then Lenin came back from exile in 1917 and joined the Bolshevik Party in Russia to overthrow the Provisional …show more content…
Militarism is a desire of an increase of military strength or power to control the government with that military power. Militarism was one of the main causes of World War I. Militarism created many new weaponry and advanced technology that improved modern warfare. Military power became very popular during World War I because everybody wanted to show off their military power. People also thought that the military should be glorified and respected because the military was in control of the government. Countries thought that if they had a strong military, it would make them great. But these thoughts lead countries trying to build a stronger navy to show its

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