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About -------people die each year from foodbourne illness


Name three types of Hazards in foods

Physical, chemical, biological

What are three symptoms of illness that you should report to your employer

Diarrhea, vomiting or jaundice

What are four suceptable populations

Younger than 5, older than 65, pregnant and immune compromised

Name three types of potentially hazardous food

Animal products, cook starches and fruits and vegetables

When should you wash your hands

After using the toilet, after handling raw meat, after handling garbage or dirty dishes,after taking a break eating or smoking, after sneezing coughing or blowing your nose and after handling animals or using chemicals

How long should you wash your hands

For at least 20 seconds

What are ready to eat Foods

Washed produce that is eaten raw, bakery or bread items, food that has already been cooked such as pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and tacos, foods that will not be cooked such as salads sandwiches and sushi

Name three ways to avoid touching Ready-to-Eat food with your hands

Tongs, scoops and gloves

What is the temperature danger zone between ----- and ----

41 and 135

Cold foods should be kept at


Hot food should be kept at

135 or higher

The correct cooking temperature for poultry


The correct cooking temperature for ground or chopped meat is


Potentially hazardous food must be cooled from 135 to 70 within ----- hours and from 70 to 41 within

2 and 6

Name two ways to cool food quickly

Shallow pan method and ive bath method

When using test strips to test sanitizer concentration the proper amount of chlorine is ---- to ----- parts per million

50- 200 ppm

Name three types of chemical sanitizers

Chlorine, iodine and quaternary ammonium

The correct way to wash dishes by hand is to first scrape dishes clean then------then----then and then allow dishes to airdry

Washes dishes in hot soapy water in first sink , rinse dishes with clean hot water in second sink santizee in 3rd sink with room temperature water and an approved sanatizer

Label the shelves for each type of food to prevent cross contamination

Ready to eat foods

Ready to eat foods

Ready to eat foods

Cooked cooled foods

Unwashed produce

Whole eggs fish and pork

Ground chopped meat

Stuffed injected meats


You should ----- to make sure all sanitizers are at proper strength

Use test strips