Manager's Role Of A Foodservice Manager

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Foodservice Managers are the overseers of foodservice establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and school cafeterias. They direct the daily operations of the establishment to which they’re employed and their authority extends from the kitchen to the dining room. Their duties include recruitment and hiring, training, motivating staff, supervising staff, managing inventory & procurement, ensuring the right equipment and supplies are available, arranging for the maintenance and cleaning of equipment & the establishment, overseeing food preparation, food presentation and portion sizing, ensuring customer satisfaction, as well as applying and ensuring staff exercises food safety and sanitation practices.

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The food safety culture must be incorporated into the business operations to minimize foodborne illness risk factors and since “culture starts at the top and flows downward” (Springer, 2009), the onus is on the Foodservice Manager to initiate these customs. The Foodservice Manager’s role here includes the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluating a food safety program, as well as motivating & inspiring staff to engage. He/she must create the establishment’s food safety program cognizant of the fact that the government has stipulated guidelines for food safety and occasionally disburses agents to monitor …show more content…
He/ She must firstly understand the value of hiring candidates who are already trained or training existing employees in food safety practices. The manager will implement the training courses will distribute resources as necessary, input the proper infrastructural components and organize employees according to the plan. Resources include sanitation and safety documents, equipment (to include brooms, mops, cleaning agents, etc.) and gear (uniforms, gloves, hair nets etc.). Infrastructural developments comprise self-closing doors, window and door meshes, three compartment sinks, and fixing leaky plumbing adequate storage space, in addition to ventilation systems. Another aspect in ensuring proper food safety is to have staff members undergo training & sensitization

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