The Importance Of Food Safety In The United States

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Food is a source of nutrients not only for humans but microorganisms as well. Food safety is a term for all measures and concepts that are intended to ensure that food is safe to eat and cannot cause a health problem or poisoning. The issue of food safety is a universal concern, this is because everyone must to consume food. Bacteria are everywhere, in the air, in the water, in the ground, on our food, on our skin and inside our bodies. Food scares have been numerous in the United States in the past twenty years. This fact has motivated producers and consumers alike to take an active role in the safe and quality production of their food. Foodborne illness is a significant burden globally. “Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and toxin by-products of microorganisms, chemicals, and heavy metals can cause foodborne maladies. These agents are responsible for over 200 different foodborne diseases. In the United States alone, foodborne diseases cause an estimated 48 million illnesses and 128,000 hospitalizations every year. In addition, they account for an estimated 3,000 deaths annually.” (Food Safety) This is very alarming. This says that the U.S. system for food safety is flawed; but on the other hand the U.S. has one of the safest food …show more content…
there is a need for a food safety shake-up. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) need to “implement a risk-based approach to food safety in which data are used to identify where along the production, distribution, and handling lines there is the greatest chance of contamination” (The Lancet, 375). I know this is a daunting task for the FDA because they monitor the safety of “around 80% of the nation’s food supply, including fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and seafood. It is responsible for more than 150 000 food facilities, more than 1 million restaurants and other retail establishments, more than 2 million farms, and millions of tons of food imports” (The Lancet, 375). The agency clearly has a lot on its

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