Kowalcyk Argumentative Essay

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In July, 2001, a two year old boy named Kevin Kowalcyk died in Colorado after eating a hamburger contaminated with E. coli O157:H7 from the popular fast food chain, Jack In The Box. Kevin died 12 days after being stuck with the illness, but it took the FDA 16 days after Kevin was diagnosed with E.coli to recall the meat. Just think of how many people ate that contaminated meat within those 16 days. Kevin’s mother, Barbara Kowalcyk has been working for over six years to pass a law that would give the United States Department of Agriculture the ability to shut down plants that produce contaminated meats, but the bill keeps being push aside as cooperate meat processors label the law as unnecessary and costly as it would raise the price of production and the price for consumers. Still Barbara Kowalcyk tries to pass Kevin’s Law, and tries to speak out to the people about her son’s death so that hopefully it can prevent another child from dying from contaminated meat. So why has the rate of …show more content…
Anytime you have something that big operating with thousands of workers and animals inside your chances of something going wrong increases. Many factories even house all the animals within the factory and then slaughter and package them there, which increases the risk of contamination because they are doing all those actions so close to each other and in the same facility. As you can see, our risk of eating contaminated food increases each day and it seems like the food industry isn’t doing much about it to change that. We can decrease our risk of eating contaminated food though, by eating organically and making sure that our food is safe and chemical free. Organic farming assures you that the animals are properly fed and maintained and free of any chemicals and additives that the food cooperation so heavily relies on to produce mass quantities of

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