Centerville Crime Case Study

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The one thing that all people want, is to feel secure. Whether it be secure in their job, where they live, or secure about their safety; it is something that people crave. In the case of people feeling secure in their safety, this one is paramount; because if people do not feel safe where they live, they will either move homes or cities to allow for them to feel safe. Unfortunately, the crime rate as steadily gone up 50% in Centerville over the past five years. That is completely unsafe for those that live in Centerville and for those that are thinking about moving there. There has to be a change in policing in Centerville to allow for this crime rate to go way down. There has to be major changes that will allow for people to again feel safe in their homes in …show more content…
And the best way for crime rates to go down, is to one discourage criminals from committing crimes and also to ensure that citizens know how not to be victims. When it comes to making sure that the crime rate goes down from the policing end, I feel that a strong and well trained police force will definitely lead to the decline of the crime rate. Having a continuous police presence in specific areas that are known to have high criminal activity may make criminals think twice, because they realize there is more likely of a chance for them to get caught, if there are police constantly around. Another major way to determine crime is to install CCTV, Close Circuit Television Surveillance around the city. The CCTV, "Public surveillance systems include a network of cameras and components for monitoring, recording, and transmitting video images. The ultimate goal of installing public surveillance cameras is to reduce both property and personal crime” ( The surveillance cameras

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