How Does Training Affect Food Safety Work?

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Training of food safety workers is important to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses. Similarly, it is important to stress food safety to workers in the food industry as a foodborne illness could cause many customers to fall ill. The complications of such an illness could be severe and even fatal. Such an outbreak could affect the company image and therefore affect job security. Consequently, proper training at the time of hire, and continuing training throughout employment, is essential in preventing bad habits that could be difficult to break later on (Green, 2006/2007). It may be difficult for food handlers to grasp the concepts surrounding food safety and explaining the “Why” is vital to ensuring that safe food handling policies …show more content…
The article "The Most Effective Training Techniques" (n.d.) details the training methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each. While OJT is a hands on approach that teaches skills that are instantly pertinent, it is not effective for larger groups and can be costly as the trainee is not yet part of the major production of the company. Interactive classroom instruction is beneficial in that it can be used for a larger group and engages the workers while making the learning enjoyable. On the other hand, interactive training can be less structured and take up more time. Furthermore, technology based training is great because it can be flexible, used for larger groups that are spread out between locations, are uniform, and can be measured. While the disadvantages of technology based training involves little interaction, can be boring, and requires computer literacy ("The Most Effective Training Techniques", n.d.). In order to employ effective training, a combination of these methods would be needed. For example, if new hire cannot read, demonstration, OJT, and training videos would be more effective that technology based training. Another example would be if the employee cannot speak English. In this case, OJT could be a possibility as well as finding technology based tools that are in the worker’s native language. Another factor to consider is the retraining of staff. Retraining would be most effective by using technology based training as it can accommodate larger groups and be used at the time the employee is ready. It is imperative to train food handlers in proper safety policies. To do so, an effective trainer would employ several training methods, such as on-the-job training, classroom training, and technology based training. There are also many different tools that can be included in training, for instance demonstration, information search, and training

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