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What is fifo?

First in, first out.

An example of fifo?

If there was prepped lettuce from today and prepped lettuce from yesterday, I'd use yesterdays first.

At what temperature do we cook bacon?

400° f

Where is bacon stored?

On a clean prep table or on the last two shelves of the bread table.

How long does it take to prep one box of bacon?

30 minutes

Why do we cook the grilled mushrooms before the grilled onions?

Flavor transfer

How often do we stir mushrooms and onions? Why?

Every 15 min for quality

How often should we change the mushroom and onion metal pan?

Once a shift

How many patties on each cambro?


When and where did the first Five Guys open?

Arlington Va, 1986.

What happened between 1986 and 2001?

Five locations around the DC metro area opened, they perfect their business of burgers and started to build a cult like following.

What happened in 2002?

Began to franchise in Virginia and Maryland.

What happened in 2003?

Sells out of franchise territory within 18 months and starts to open the rest of the country for franchise rights.

How many possible ways can you order a burger?

250,000 ways

Where does our ground beef come from?

It's all 100% all american with the exception of Canada and the UK where the meat is local.

Where are our potatoes from?

They are grown above the 42nd parallel.

Who are the five guys?

Jim. Matt. Chad. Ben. Tyler.

What is the purpose of the quality control course?

To train people to teach their employees.

How are potatoes stacked?

Lincoln log style

How high can potatoes be stacked?

5 high against a wall or window and 4 high when free standing.

How do we know our bacon is done?

Sticks straight out horizontally and shatters when dropped from 14 inches.

When is bacon cooked?

Before the mushrooms and onions?

At what temperature are mushrooms and onions held at?


Why are mushrooms held in the back of the hot holding unit?

If they fall into the onions, it'll be easier to pick out than if onions fell into the mushrooms.

What is the shelf life for prepped cheese?

4 shifts.

How long should it take to prep a case of cheese?

30 minutes or less.

What do we store hotdogs in?

1/3 pan or cambro

What is the shelf life of prepped hot dogs?

3 shifts.

What is the prep time for a case of hot dogs?

20 minutes or less

What is the shelf life of prepped lettuce?

4 shifts

How long should it take to prep a box of lettuce?

30 minutes or less.

How long should it take to to prep a case of tomatoes?

15 minutes or less.

What is the shelf life of cut potatoes?

3 shifts

What is the prep time for one bag of potatoes?

5 minutes or less.

At what temperature should meat be received?


What is the pack date?

The day the meat was ground.

One bag of meat yields how many patties?

22 patties

One box of meat yields how many patties?


How many days after the pack date can you accept meat?


If you receive meat after 14 days, what do you do?

Call us foods/Sysco/3663 and send it back.

What is our breads shelf life?

5 days from the date of arrival. It's fresh and contains no additives or preservatives.

How high can you stack toasted buns?

4 high on the aluminum foil covered bread rack.

What adjective best describes our finished burger?


Why do me press and even out our patties?

To break the seal so that they cook evenly.

Why do we change our gloves after retrieving hotdogs from the chef base?

For customer perception.

When should the phone be answered?

By the second ring.

At the end of the night, how long should it take to clean both grills?

20 minutes or less.

Cold foods must be stored at what temperature?


Hot foods must be stored at what temperature?

Above 140°

White buckets are used to only store what?

Potatoes, salt and sugar.

When must cold foods return to the temperature safety zone?

Within 2 hours

Food products must be stored how far off the ground?

6 inches.

When should steritech violations be fixed?

By midnight of the second calendar day.

What has to be done before you can perform the end of day?

Settle all shifts. Perform end of day on the register. The primary reason for end of day on the register is to check your financial.

Proper technique for cooking a burger?

Place the patty. Separate. Wait for edges to gray. Flip and even out. Separate. Wait for blood to rise to the top. Flip. Keep doing so until you get clear juice.

3 words to describe the perfect burger?

Juicy, well done, glistening.

The perfect precooks?

Slightly hard. Slight change in color. Approximately two and a half minutes.

How long should precooks sit?

Until they become dull, soft and limp. At least two and a half minutes.

How to cook the perfect final product?

Firm outside, mashed potato inside. Two and a half to three minutes.

What is the purpose of the sales calendar?

To motivate the crew to increase sales.

Why do we break down the sales by shift?

To give management and the staff tangible goals. Also allows accurate prep.