Mcdonald's Franchisee: A Case Study Of Mcdonalds

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In 1954 a man named Ray Kroc visited a small restaurant in San Bernandino, California, where he admired a good and quick service, which dealt with a large number of customers. The restaurant belonged to the brothers, Mauric 'a and Dic 'a McDonald, who, thanks to a small number of meals, low prices and streamlining of activities in the kitchen, increased the speed of customer service. Ray Kroc contacted the brothers, from whom he got the permission to use their sales system and name. These events caused that in 1955 in Des Plains, Illinois the first restaurant was opened, what gave rise to the entire chains of McDonald’s restaurants. Nowadays, it is the largest chain of fast-food restaurants.
Goals that the company is trying to achieve in the
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This applies to the purchase of various types of equipment, but also major investments such as the modernization of the restaurant building or changes the production system or the service system. McDonald 's helps franchisees in conducting the project, but the franchisee is personally responsible for the performance of the franchise agreement. The franchisee operates in its own name and for its own account with their own accounting, bank account and responsibility for the business are and hiring workers. McDonald 's requires all franchisees act in accordance with the law and the principles of ethics required in business. The franchisee alone can measure its success through their work, initiative and …show more content…
The main products of McDonald 's are potatoes and other vegetables, beef, chicken, bread and milk. However, the restaurant guests of the worldwide Golden Arches are most associated with hamburgers and fries. These products are the backbone of the business. One of the distinguishing characteristics of McDonald 's is its ability to adjust to and anticipate customer needs. For example, the idea of the Fish Mac was invented by Lou Green, whose restaurant was located in the district inhabited by devout Catholics. To attract them to McDonald 's in meatless Friday, he decided to extend the offer. Fish Mac in 1963 was the first sandwich, which expanded the original restaurant menus around the world. In 1968, Jim Deligatti from Pittsburgh invented the Big Mac, which became the biggest hit in the history of the company. McDonald 's does not operate according to the same menu items, but has the ability to adapt to local specifics and preferences. In the French McDonald 's restaurants you can order “croque Monsieur”, which means croissants. Norway enjoys great popularity of the sandwiches with salmon. In India, McDonalds serves vegetarian menu. Noteworthy is also the concept of McDrive (in other countries, also known as drive-thru). The first restaurant of this type was opened in 1975 in order to support the troops stationed in the base of

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