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what route of persuasion focuses on the argument?
central route
Phenomenon portrayed in a study where the more participants see a target (Chinese symbol, person) the more likely they are to like it
mere exposure effect
What is an organized principle/set of principles that explains some phenomenon
A large amount of early studies in social psychology were conducted as a result of what war
A testable prediction about the conditions under which an event will occur
When the operational def is shown accurately measure the concept of interest, a study has high
construct validity
Beliefs that we have about ourselves that make up our __ whereas _____are used to organize our world and relate it to ourselves
self concept, self schemas
Brief, involuntary facial expression shown according to emotions
Its not about me, its about the outside
external attribution
I dislike joey because he is a frat boy
The IAT does a better job of assessing this form of racism than self-reports
implicit racism
A change in the perceptions and behavior in ways that are consistent with group norms
Technique where you start with small and ask for big
foot in door
Wont help because others aren’t working
social loafing
A reduction in group performance on cognitive tasks due to time spent on non-task issues
process loss
Presence of others will help performance on easy and hurt on hard
social facilitation
What were two changes that Burger made to Milgrims study and what were the results
- Less shock
- Participants pre screened
More people around, less likely person is to receive help
bystander effect
Showing that people are more likely to help those they are related to
kin selection
Easiest way to restore equity in cognitive approach
convince yourself it already exists
Overestimation of road rage in articles and TV specials was an example of how the media fell victim to what phenomenon
availability heuristic
The tendency to over vaule personal explanations for others behaviors while under vbauling sitational explanations for those behaviors
fundamental attribution error
Revealing one’s racist beliefs only in private or, Exculuding those who are different are examples of this
modern racism
direct request
How did the standford prison experiment redefine how we looked at the relationship between attitudes and behaviors
- Showed that not only can our attitudes determine our behaviors, but our behaviors can determine our attitudes
everyone in the population has equal chance of being selected into the sample we want the sample to be a good representation of the larger pop
random sampling
to groups each participant has equal chance of being in any condition or group in the study not based on personal characteristics or behavior if
random assignment