The Four Types Of Racism

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Racism has been around for hundreds of years and is something we’ve all witnessed at one point or another in some shape or form. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, racism is a belief that race

It appears in social structures and practices that limit, exclude, oppress and discriminate against individuals and groups based on their perceived race. It may be found in the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and groups as well as in organizational and institutional structures that privilege or provide opportunities to the dominant group and disadvantage other groups and individuals. Racism can be found in all parts of the world including our beloved jewel!
There are four forms of racism which are interpersonal racism, institutional or
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She stated, Thirty seven year old Rastafarian Frank Aviella says for the nine years he has been working at the Belize Port Authority, the company did not have a problem with his hairstyle…that is until May of this year when he was approached by Ports Commissioner, Andy Suddes News 5, 2003).
Cultural racism can be defined as societal beliefs and customs that promote the assumption that the products of a given culture, including the language and traditions of that culture are superior to those of other cultures. Where racism can be characterized by the belief that one race is inherently superior to another cultural racism can be characterized by the belief that one culture is inherently superior to another. It refers to the devaluation of the cultures of minority groups which considered to be flawed or inferior in some
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They may act out this belief by oppressing others of their own group, or by devaluing themselves through feelings of shame, self-hatred, isolation, powerlessness, self-doubt and despair.

Racism is caused by many factors. Some factors that contribute to racism, for example, are when the family of an individual influences a child’s view on other races, watching some television programs and movies that affect the way people view racism and how sometimes friends and peers influence young people.

One of the things that racism can lead to is hate crimes which has been seen right here in Belize. For instance, in a newscast on channel 5 on February 8, 2012, headlines Lead UNIBAM male attacked. It stated, there’s a developing story tonight, concerning Caleb Orosco, the president of UNIBAM, who is seeking to have section fifty-three of the criminal code declared unconditional. Orosco was assaulted this afternoon at the cornier of Dean and West Streets in Belize City. Someone hurled a bottle at Orosco, breaking two of his teeth. Orosco had made a formal report to the police, even though he thinks that the incident won’t go anywhere (News5,

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