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Fredrick Douglas:
• What is freedom? The right to choose one’s own employment
• How is it connected to your life? What kind of life style you are going to live
• Emancipation proclamation: it does not do much for them
Henry William Ravenel:
• The slaves need their masters,
• Not treating them as human being, Separation was wrong

17th Century:
• Indentured Servants
18th Century:
• Slavery “Necessary Evil”
19th Century:
• Paternalism: can’t take care of them self
• Explosion
How does this look upward or downward trend?
• Downward trend
• Henry: thinks this is a Upward march, he believes they are inferior and they are controlling it
Felix Haywood:
• they are concerned
• there was not opportunities and they owners still have power on
• Why do we know these stories?
o Works Project Administration –WPA
 1936-1938: 2300 Former Slavery – 41 volumes of interviews