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Absorbing Materials are the type of material best for reducing?
sound transmission
The effectiveness of a material to absorb sound is measured by?
N.R.C. Rating
The effectiveness of a material as a sound barrier between two spaces is measured by?
S.T.C. Rating
The unit of measuring sound intensity is the?
The first coat of paint on a wood surface is called?
The solid particles in paint are?
Oil based paints are those which are Thinned with?
The liquid portion of paint is called?
The most common kind of interior flat wall paint today is?
latex flat wall paint
The thinner and binder are substance in paint which together constitute the vehicle.
Paints differ from coatings in that paints have pigment and coatings do no.
Lacquer cannot be applied over the finishes.
Paints containing more than 00.6 percent lead are prohibited by?
Latex primer does not rise the fibers on a gypsum board surface.
What is Broadloom?
carpet wider than 6 feet
The resilient flooring that is least easy to maintain is?
vinyl tile
Most resilient flooring today is made of?
Vinyl and vinyl compositions
Standard wood strip flooring grades are based almost ?
wholly on appearence
The nature of wood requiers that flooring made of this material have special attention because?
of its tendency to change dimension with changes in moisture
Decorative chips in terrazzo toppings constist prinncipally of?
The primary cementitious binder used today in terazzo is?
Portland cement
a disadvantage of glazed tile used as a flooring material is that they usually have a low?
impact Noise Rating
The differance between ceramic tile and ceramic mosaic tile is primaly in?
The first of three coat plaster work is called
Scratch Coat
Plaster needs a rigid backing which is called a?
Gypsum plaster is generally used in indoor locations of?
Residential construction
Vitreous and impervious are types of tile, suitable for exterior installation subject to freezing and interior instullation subject to freezing and interior installation subject to continuous immersion in water
A major cause of nail popping in gypsum board surfaces is?
Shrinking of the wood framing
three coats of joint compound are recommended as the minimum for taped joints in standard gypsum board construction
Water resistant gypsum board is recommended to be used?
as a base for wall tile in tub-shower areas.
Gypsum board can be used in the exterior location as on ?
soffit boards
Corner floating is done in gypsum board installation on order to?
minimiz cracking
Gypsum wallboard should be applied either verticlly or horizontally
The core of water resistant wallboard is formulated with.
ashaltic additives
Type x wallboard is fire-resistant
what is the correct order of the three coat plaster work applied to metal lath
Scratch coat, brown coat then finish coat
The dash coat is the plaster coat typically applied applied with a?
What is the principal cementitious ingredient in stucco?
portland cement
What is the key benefit of using gypsum products in construction?
fire protection
How is bedding of glass accomplished?
the use of glazing compound
How thick is welded insulated glass?
THe joints in the wood trim around door casings are ususally...
What are the metal materials generally used as flashing for walls and roofs?
tin, copper, lead, sgalvanized steel and aluminum
Trhe aggregate ballast for a single ply roofing membrane adds _________
10-12 pounds per square foot to the roof load
Vulcanized elastomer single-ply roofing such as EPDM and cured neoprene are bonded to themselves with...
The recommended practice regarding building paper, board sheathing and wood shingles on walls is that building paper is to be applied to the face of the sheating
The correct method of producing wood shinglesand shakes is that shingles are?
sawn and shaks are split
most wood shingles and shakes used for roofs and side walls are produced from the ?
western red cedar species of tree
a gable roof covers a house that is 28 feet wide. the ridge of the roof is 4 feet and 8 inches above the eaves. the pitch of the roof is, therfore, known as.
the plys of a built-up roof are saturated by mopping with ?
asphalt before another layer is placed
the method of securing insulation within a framed wall known as "friction-fit" is available from a batts and blankets insulation product
the approximate R value of a concrete wall 8 inches thick with 2 inches of expanded polyurethane insulation applied to it is 13 when the k-value for concrete is 12.0 and the k-value for expanded polyurethane is 0.16
In a building that is heated in the winter, the vapor retarder should be placed on the warmside of the insulation
the maximum performeance rating that a material can have, by traditional definition, and be called a vapor barrier is one perm
The larger th"C" value in insulation, the more heat ?
the resistance of material to heat flow is indicated by an?
"R" Value
The type of insulation ussually found in residential stud walls is?
Blanket insulation
The alloy of copper and zinc is known as?
The alloy of copper and Zinc is known as ?
Anodized copper
Difficulties in soldering aluminum are caused by the inability of the solder to adhere to the natural oxide film on aluminum.