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established "Code of Hammurabi" that listed crime's punishment; harsh law if people don't obey it, they get punished ; written in stone in the middle of Babylon;
Sir Arthur Evans
a British archaeologist most famous for unearthing the palace of Knossos on the Greek island of Crete
Jean Champollion
is credited as the father of Egyptology; deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs
credited with the composition of the Iliad and the Odyssey
the "father of history";He is almost exclusively known for writing The Histories
an ancient Greek historian, and the author of the History of the Peloponnesian War,(considered the first work of scientific history)
was a soldier, mercenary and an admirer of Socrates and is known for his writings on the history of his own times, the sayings of Socrates, and the life of Greece.
Heinrich Schliemann
German archaeologists who discovers Mycenaean sites like Troy.
Sargon I
king of the old-Assyrian Empire; the first person to unify Mesopatamia
Rameses II
became pharaoh after Akhenaten; built a city for his son; was the greatest builder in Egypt and build the largest statue/palace for him; has chariots army.
1st epic poem about Gilgamesh who became a hero during a big flood and became king and live an everlasting life.
started the Hebrew, worship true God; father of the Arabs, took his family & friends & animals to Palenstine because God spoke to him to give him the promiseland.
Led Hebrews slaves 4 years; Help Hebrews reach the Holyland; went to the east side away from Rameses II; God parted the Red Sea for him and his people.
wrote the Constituion of Athens' democracy; wrtoe the story about Atlantis.
Cyrus the Great
founder of the Persian Empire after conquering the city of Babylon.
King of Persia who fought during the 2nd Persian War against the Spartans & Athenians; mounted the Persians, carried a millions of people.
ancient Greek philosopher who is widely credited for laying the foundation for Western philosophy. believes "all knowledge/truth comes inside of people".
1st Roman Emperor; ended a century of civil wars and gave Rome an era of peace, prosperity, and imperial greatness, known as the Pax Romana, or Roman peace, which lasted for over 200 years.
Ruler of Egypt during Hellenistic Kingdom; married Julius Caesar, then married Marc Athony after he died.
Messiah who would return and usher in the kingdom of God on earth; founder of Christianity; born in Bethelem
second founder of Christianity; Spread Christianity throughout Asia Minor; spread Jesus's Idea
who split the Roman Empire by taking over; was more stricter in the military welfare; put price controls;
Emperor of Rome who Won Civil War by having Christians in the army b/c Christians are not afraid to die; Made Christianity legal; Rebuilt Constantinople;
Muslim's last messenger and prophet of Allah; considered to be the historical founder of the religion of Islam.
first family name under the Metrovingians to unite the entire barbarian nation; King of Franks who converted his people From Christian into Catholic;
Emperor/ruler of Constaninople during the Byzantine Emperor;
son of Pepin; started the Carolingians Renaissance; made saxons Christians or else by force;
St. Augustine
wrote Confessions & City of God; influnced the development of Western Christianity
Emperor Henry IV
King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor; deposed the Pope in Germany, but was excommunicated;
William of Normandy
claimed the promise of kinship after the battle of Hastings; defeat Harold Godwinson by his army long bow arc arrows.
Joan of Arc
Saves Orleans b/c "God told her to save France"; took French army to create a new army which all the French army are included; was burned when committing withchery, but not true & became a saint.
John Wycliffe
established Lollards;

a)Bible is sole authority on religion not the Pope
b)Bible must be in the language of the people
c)Reject ritual not in the Bible
wrote Divine Comedy which consists of three parts: Inferno, Progatory, Paradise
wrote The Prince: "in order to get things done, do what is necessary"
Martin Luther
A)Church Lawyer & monk; taught Bible at Wittenberg University.
B)Catholic belief: Salvation by faith & Good Works
C)Luther found in Romans, "Man is saved by faith in the promises of God." And Bible is sole authority of all religious ideas.
D)New Pope Leo had sale on indulgences to rebuilt St. Peter in Rome.
made Luther protested by nailing 95 theses on Church door in Rittenburg.
Ivan the Terrible
was the Russia Zsar who expanded the Persia Territory; build the famous Church in Moscow
Henry of Navarre
protestant who was next in line to be France King; passed the Edict of Nantes
Elizabeth I of England
release from jail to being a Queen; Philip II wants to marry her;
```1588-English defeats Spanish Armada: aftermath- England took control over the Ocean and Colonization
William Shakespeare
Renaissance Man"; greatest English writer b/c of his sonnets, comedies/tragic drama plays
1st philosopher who discovered cause and effect
"the father of Medicine"
new leader of Athens; took the money and spent it building the city of Athens; developed Athenian democracy;
greatest Greek woman poet
1st Greek tragedy writer who wrote the "Oedipus the King" and Antigone
2nd Greek tragedy write who wrote "The Bacchae"
greastest scuplture in Greece; scuplture the head statues of Parthenon
known for the Pythogorean Theorem; "everything in the universe are in essence of all term of #s and music
wrote the book of geomert "Elements"
head of library in Alexandria; work with levers & pulleys; study sciences;
"Life is all about pleasures and fun
"Life is hard that something bad will happen"
General of Alexander; control Egypt during the Hellisnistic Kingdoms; made the 1st map of the world
Hebrew name for "God"
Julius Caesar
Roman military and political leader; conquered Gaul; was plotted to be Assasinated by Brutus and his consuls
1st general to raise army for the poor;
marched on Rome after assembly gave Marius command of Army;
Alexander greatest mentor; philosopher whose beliefs: "Find truth by the hads of experiments"
took an army of elephants all the way to Italy from Spain; fought in the battle Of Cannae; later defeated by Scipio in the battle of Zima
Mark Antony
supporter of Julius Caesar; allied with Octavian later broke up and fought each other in the Battle of Actium and was defeated;
Henry VIII of England
man who took England out of Catholic Church so he can be divorced, but was not authorized; instead he made himself the head of Church.
John Knox
prostentant preacher who converted people into Calvist
Cardinal Richelieu;
Ran France during the Thirty years War asking to bring the French Army to the Prostetant and charge the Catholics;
Roger Bacon
Says "Ideas should be tested whether it is good idea or bad idea.
one of the greastest artist during the Renaissance; scuplted David and Pieta; painted the Last Judgement on the Sistine Chapel wall
John Calvin
believe in predistination that "God is your father" Gods already know your destination ."
Ignatius of Loyola
founder of Jesuits; must be educated first, or by force as secondary.
Philip II of Spain
sent Spanish Armada to invade the English; married to Bloody Mary Tudor
wrote Don Quixoe about a old man mocking the society and ignoring everything that is going on.