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A local chapter of over 100 members is allowed____ voting delegates to the national conference.
The Gold Seal Chapter of Merit is also known as the
Hollis and Kitty Guy Award
Iowa become the fist FBLA state chapter in
_____is considered the founder of the FBLA
Hamden L. Forkner
All remarks and debate on a motion must be germane to the issue, meaning
The fiscal year for FBLA-PBL is
July 1- June 30
Which tema event dose NOT have team members take a collaborative online test?
Parliamentary Procedure
Chapter activities fall into five functional areas
Proffessional development, civic, service, social and financial
National eligibility requirements must be followed by al competitors. which of the following is not a requierment?
competitiors must have paid their natinal dues by Dec. 1 of they year they partivipate
When prepering the local Chapter Annual Business Report, all of the following except _________should be included
equipment used
The official emblem and insignia item designs are described and protected from infringement by registration in th U.S Parent Office under Trademark Act of _______
The topic for Emerging Business issues
remains the same throug natinal competition
At the national level ties on the written events will be broken
by comparing performance on the last 10 question and then time.
An event that allows students to go online to compete is:
Virtual Business Challenge
At the national center, a "wall of fame " has been created to honor
advisers and state chairs with at least 20 yeares of experience and outsanding service.
There are three categories of competitive events available to members:
individual, team and chapter
The dress code must be followed at all national conferences by:
members advisers and guests only
This competition uses the Intrnet and related technologies to communicate ideas and concept and to deliver value to customers
Web site development
FBLA members can partivcipate in Mission LIFT, which encourages fund-raising for the prevention of
birth difects
The newsletter for FBLA Advisers is
Business of national executive council may be conducted by mail and requires a
3/4 vote
Year-round discounts for FBLA are provided by
In order for a meeting to be conducted, which two officers must be in attendence?
President and secretary
When a member of the meeting at the back of the room cant her debate, they can use the following motion
I belive every person should prepare for a useful occupation and carry on that occupation in a manner that brings the greatest _______to the greatest ________.
good, number
The last "I belive" paragraph begins with: "I belive I have the ___..."
"encourage________ and promote school loyalty" is one of the goals of the FBLA
The FBLA organization strives through one of its goals to " __________ students in the estableshment of occupation goals"
Complete the folowing goal: Encourage members in the develpment of indicidual prjects that contribute to the improvement of
home, business and community
Accorig to the FBLA goals, students will " Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their