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1. What are the official colors of FBLA?

blue and gold

2. The FBLA creed contains how many stanzas?


3. Who is the founder of FBLA?

Hamden L. Forkner

4. When (year) was the first state chapter chartered?

5. In the officer installation ceremony, what color candle represents the chapter in its entirety?
6. The first FBLA chapter was chartered where?
Johnson City, Tennessee
7. What date was the first FBLA chapter chartered?
February 3, 1942

8. What year and what group purchased the land for the FBLA-PBL National Center?

1981, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
9. What are the three words across the top of the FBLA emblem?
Service, Education, Progress
10. Who is the current Arkansas FBLA-PBL State Chairman?
Jim Brock

11. There are currently how many FLBA-Middle Level/Junior High districts in Arkansas?

12. How many team events are there in FBLA-Middle Level Junior High district competitive events?
Four (Business Graphics, Desktop Publishing, Computer Slide Show, and Web Page Creation)
13. Who is the Arkansas FBLA Middle Level State Adviser?
Latrenda Jackson
14. In what year was Phi Beta Lambda created?
15. What grade levels are eligible for membership in Arkansas FBLA-Middle Level?
Grades 7-9

16. Who was the first executive director of FBLA-PBL?

Dr. Edward Miller
17. Who is the Conference Director of FBLA-PBL?
Richard Bowen

18. Who is the Director of Membership for FBLA-PBL?

Lisa Frye Smothers

19. Where is the National FBLA-PBL Center located?

Reston, Virginia

20. Who is the Director of Education for FBLA-PBL?
Barbara Small
21. In what year was the groundbreaking for the National Center held?

22. What year was the Professional Division created?

23. In the absence of the president and vice-president at a regular meeting, who should call the meeting to order?

24. What symbol on the emblem denotes our belief in democracy, liberty, and the American way of life?

25. What body is the policy making body for national FBLA-PBL, Inc.?
National Board of Directors
26. What do the initials NBEA stand for?
National Business Education Association
27. What are the four divisions of FBLA-PBL?
FBLA-Middle Level, FBLA, PBL, and Professional Division
28. Where was the first chapter of FBLA in Arkansas?
Fort Smith High School
29. How is FBLA-PBL, Inc. primarily funded?

Membership dues

30. According to the Arkansas FBLA-Middle Level/Junior High bylaws, who may be a FBLA chapter adviser?

Faculty member of a business department
31. The largest room at the National Center is the Conference room. It was a gift from what state?
32. What do the initials USDE stand for?
United States Department of Education

33. What are the grants given by the March of Dimes program that are designed to reward members and chapters for their support of March of Dimes?

Mission LIFT Grants
34. What do the initials LIFT in Mission LIFT stand for?
Leading Into the Future Together

35. What is the name of the national publication for FBLA and FBLA-Middle Level members?

Tomorrow’s Business Leader
36. What is the national publication for FBLA and FBLA-Middle level advisers called?

37. What is the name of the publication that each local chapter receives that contains all the information about FBLA—national constitution and bylaws, national programs, national organization, etc.?

Chapter Management Handbook

38. What is the national program called that encourages chapters from all divisions to team up to leverage their potential for success?

Connecting Chapters
39. The national recognition program that recognizes FBLA members who recruit at least four (4) new members is called?
Night of the “Body Snatchers” II
40. The national recognition program that recognized local FBLA chapters who either maintain or increase their local chapter membership over last year’s total?

Membership Achievement Award

41. What is meant by the statement that FBLA-PBL membership is unified?
Must be a member at local, state, and national levels
42. What are the dates of National FBLA-PBL week?
Second week in February

43. Which officer presides over and conducts meetings according to Parliamentary Procedure?

44. When is a local chapter considered inactive?
After failing to pay dues for one year
45. What is another name for a written plan of action?
Program of Work
46. What year was Arkansas FBLA established?
47. What year was the first junior high district in Arkansas established?
48. What color of candle symbolizes the office of president?

49. There are how many FBLA-Middle goals?

50. The national dues for FBLA-Middle Level are how much annually?
51. Excluding the three division presidents, what is the term of office for National Board of Director members?
Three years
52. Who is the FBLA-PBL President and CEO?
Jean Buckley
53. Who is the FBLA-PBL Communications Manager?
George Mocharko
54. What officer counts the votes and then records them during an election?
55. In the officer installation ceremony, what color candle symbolized office of reporter?
56. Who determines national dues?
National Board of Directors
57. How much are Arkansas FBLA-Middle Level/Junior High dues?
58. Which month is National Education for Business month?
59. What is the year of the dedication /grand opening of the FBLA-PB National Center?
60. What is the official parliamentary procedure reference record for FBLA?
Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised
61. What does the initials NASSP stand for?
National Association of Secondary School Principals
62. A community service project that focuses FBLA-PBL members on practicing leadership and management skills they have learned to raise funds and awareness for the March of Dimes.
Mission LIFT

63. Who needs to approve a new chapter application before it is forwarded to the National office?

State chairman

64. How many administrative regions does National FBLA-PBL have?

65. How long does the FBLA-PBL Board of Directors Chairman serve in that office?
One year
66. What year did FBLA gain independent status?
67. What year was FBLA-Middle Level division established at the national level?
68. When is American Enterprise Day observed each year?
November 15

69. FBLA-PBL Week is planned every February to coincide with what other celebration?

National Career and Technical Education Week
70. The parliamentary procedure term to close the meeting when no motion is pending and there is no further business is called?
71. The national event that recognizes FBLA-Middle Level chapters that successfully implement a project to serve the citizens of their community.
Community service Project

72. The national chapter recognition program that recognizes chapters who complete 10 of 13 activities listed on the entry form. This award recognized chapters who go above and beyond in their FBLA-PBL participation.

Chapter Excellence Award

73. What FBLA national administrative region is Arkansas located in?


74. What officer should appoint the committee chairman?

75. A question directed to the presiding officer to obtain clarification on a parliamentary law or the rules of the organization bearing on the business at hand is called?
Parliamentary inquiry
76. The individual recognition award where members must complete 10 of 16 activities four different sections of the entry form.
Enterprise Level Award
77. What is the short intermission in a business meeting called?
78. Arkansas service project that educates people about the importance of organ donation.
Gift of Life (ARORA)
79. What is the national recognition program that recognizes local chapters who recruit 100% of a single course as chapter members called?
100% Class Participation Award
80. The national recognition award that goes to the local chapter that has the largest chapter member based on the percentage of school enrollment?
Market Share Award
81. What is the national award called that is given to those local chapters that charter or reactivate the most chapters of FBLA-Middle, FBLA, or PBL.
Local Recruitment of Chapters
82. Which officer is prepared to explain any irregularity and its effect on the rights of all chapter members?
83. The individual recognition award where members must complete 9 of 16 activities from four sections on the entry form?
Business Level Award
84. What state became FBLA’s first state chapter?
85. How many local chapters must a state have to be issued a state charter?
86. What is the parliamentary procedure term to suggest names to be considered for office?
87. The year national FBLA-PBL membership topped the 200,000 mark for the first time?
88. What organization sponsored FBLA before it gained its independent status?
National Council for Business Education (now known as National Business Education Association—FBLA)
89. In what year was the National Center Mortgage retired?
90. Who was the first state president of Arkansas FBLA?
Dorothy Frazier
91. What is the last sentence of the creed?
“I promise to use my abilities to make the world a better place for everyone.”
92. What is the national event that recognizes FBLA-Middle Level chapters that successfully implement an education program to promote free enterprise?
American Enterprise Project
93. The national program that allows FBLA members to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE-listed common stock is called?
Stock Market Game
94. What is the official source for National FBLA materials such as t-shirts, officer pins, plaques, and other gift items?
The Marketplace
95. In the office installation ceremony, what color candle symbolizes the office of treasurer?
96. What is the membership year of FLBA-Middle Level?
July 1 – June 30
97. In the absence of the president at a chapter meeting, which officer serves as the presiding officer?
98. What is the parliamentary term for the discussion of the merits of a motion?
99. In a chapter meeting, if you want to change the wording of a motion that is being discussed, what do you have to do?
Make a motion to amend the main motion
100. Chapter activities fall into five functional areas, name them.

Professional Development, Civic, Service, Social, and Financial