Successful Life Long Learners Essay

By their very nature, people are very investigative. The goal of education should be to educate all students, and produce successful life-long learners; students who can contribute to society in a positive manner. Therefore, as the trends of education change, my teaching methods and mentality should reflect these changes. Consequently, being familiar with current teaching trends, assessments beliefs, and content related ideas will help strengthen instruction in the classroom; making the learning process more effective for all students. This aspect of teaching promotes a calling for me to be a life-long learner as well. Furthermore, all these aspects work together, allowing all the students in contact with my instruction to obtain more knowledge, and become successful life-long learners. Being an educator requires certain beliefs. These beliefs give insight into the views and opinions of the educator. We will look at my personal thoughts on classroom beliefs, beliefs regarding students, and educational beliefs. In my opinion, the classroom is more than a physical building. Therefore, the classroom is also more than a room where teachers teach and students learn. The …show more content…
My first goal is for all my students to be successful in their lives. My second goal is for my students to set and reach any goals that they may have for themselves. Furthermore, my ultimate responsibilities to the students are to prepare them for a future in which they can prosper. Subsequently, teaching the students skills that will aid them in their adult lives. Skills that will make them competitive in the workforce such as: good speaking and writing skills, organization skills, self-discipline, critical thinking skills, a good work ethic, and moral values. These are personal values that will be examples every day in my classroom. As the teacher, my responsibility is to exude all these qualities for the students to witness each

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