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the process by which the consumer comes into contact with a stimulus.

the process by which consumers devote mental activity to a stimulus.

occurs when stimuli are registered by one of the five senses.
Exposure, Attention, perception
Degree to which stimulus is within the range of the consumer’s sensory receptors
Importance of exposure in marketing using advertising.
overcoming clutter
ultimately consumers control whether ----- occurs or not.
consumers record television shows and fast forward through commericials when viewing the shows
consumers avoid ads by switching to to other channels during commercial breaks
marketers try to attract consumers' attention by making the stimulus what?
personally relevant, pleasant, surprising, and easy to process
the two hemispheres of our brain specialize in processing different types of information.
hemispheric lateralization
In hemispheric lateralization, stimuli placed in the ------- visual field tend to be processed by the left hemisphere, and those in the left visual field tend to be processed by the ----- hemisphere. Stimuli on which we focus directly are processed by----- hemispheres.
right, right, both
In hemispheric lateralization information in the right hemisphere is best a processing ----------
music, grasping visual and spatial information, forming inferences, and drawing conclusions
In hemispheric lateralization the left hemisphere is best at processing units that can be -----------
combined, performing tasks such as counting, processing unfamiliar words, and forming sentences
putting your ad on every channel. a type of selective exposure.
road blocking
Active focusing on and awareness of the stimulus.
Divided (multi-tasking)
characteristics of attention
Ways to capture attention using personal relevance include
make stimuli appeal to your needs, values, or goals. Show similar sources to target audience. ex you are likely to notice individuals whom you perceive as similar to yourself. Use dramas. Use rhetorical questions.
What are ways to capture attention by making stimuli pleasant?
Hedonic experience

Attractive visuals (clip)
Humor (humor2)
ways to capture attention by making stimuli surprising.
novelty - new or unique product, unexpectedness, or a puzzle
ways to capture attention by making stimuli easy to process.
Prominent stimuli-larger ads in phonebook
Concrete stimuli
-Easily associated with images
Contrast-color photo in newspaper
Process by which stimuli are selected, organized, and interpreted by consumers.
consumer perception