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Not a good predictor of consumer behavior?
Model of Consumer Behavior
Attitudes -> Behavioral Intentions -> Behaviors
The further down the line you get, the better your predictions
Personality comes before attitudes
model of consumer behavior
However, it is a KEY ingredient in psychographics
Developed by Sigmund Freud

Propose that personality arises from a set of dynamic, unconscious internal struggles within the mind
Psychoanalytic Approach
personality arises from a set of dynamic, unconscious internal struggles within the mind known as
id, ego, superego
stages of development under the Psychoanalytic Approach
Propose that personality differences are a function of how individuals have been rewarded or punished in the past
Behavioral Approaches
an example of a behavioral approach is
Classical Conditioning
Dogs and meat powder
Operant conditioning
Pigeons and levers
Propose that personality shaped by an individual’s ---------interpretation of life events. largely discredited/ignored
subjective, Phemenological Approach
a key concept of the Phemenological Approach is --------------- or people's interpretations of why specific things happen
locus of control
individuals with ------ locus of control attribute more respsonbility on them selves while ------controlled individuals place responsibility on other people, events, or places rather than them selves
internal, exteral
the degree in which individuals look to others for cues on how to behave. high ----- ----- are typically sensitive to desires and influences of others as guides to behavior and low --- ---- are guided more by their own preferences
self monitors
An approach to personality that focuses on the ---------------- of personality traits. ex. nature.
quantitative measurement, trait theory.
Openness to experience
the 5 factor model of personality
Individuals may vary in terms of how much pleasure they derive from active thinking, and contemplating.
Consumers who enjoying thinking extensively about things like products, attributes, and benefits would be high in need for cognition (NFC).
need for congnition
Individuals differ in the degree to which they look to others for cues on how to behave.
self monitoring behavior
what are some personality traits relative to consumer behavior?
need for cognition, self monitoring behavior, susceptibility to influence, and frugality
The set of traits people attribute to a product as if it were a person
Masculine, Individual, Expressive, Free spirited
brand personalities
Assigning human characteristics to brands
Animism and Anthropormphisim
We prefer things that are moderately arousing to things that are either too arousing or not arousing at all.
What type of people are a good target market for skydiving
optimal stimulation level
Reflects one’s creative/unpopular choice counter conformity and avoidance of similarity.
Consumers with a high need for uniqueness resist conformity and strive to buy one-of-a-kind and individual items.
need for uniqueness
are other personality traits related to consumer behavior
optimal stimulation level, need for uniqueness, dogmatism, creativity