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model, example

ex: George Washington's presidency created a precedent for all future presidents to follow
group of people in the executive branch who support the President
ex: Thomas Jefferson (Secretary of State), Henry Knox (Secretary of War), Alexander Hamilton (Secretary of the Treasury) and John Adams (Vice President) made up George Washington's cabinet.
Who won the election of 1800?
Thomas Jefferson
How was the tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr broken in the 1800 presidential election?
By Congress voting on who should be president.
What amendment to the Constitution was passed because of the tie in votes in the 1800 presidential election?
The 12th amendment
What does the 12th amendment do?
Says that you vote for the president and the vice president together, as a single ticket, rather than the person with the most votes becoming president and the second highest number of votes becoming vice president
Why did Jefferson distrust strong central governments?
He thought they looked too much like a monarchy -- they lessened personal freedom and weakened democracy
Someone who reads the Constitution narrowly is . . . .
a strict constructionist