Challenges In American History

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U.S. History 10 Essay Test Study Guide Throughout history there are certain people who rise to face the challenges of their time. Some would even go as far as to say that it was their destiny. In American history we have had presidents that make decisions to save the country and keep it united. President Lincoln was one who had many problems facing the country. The main problem Lincoln faced was slavery. Slavery had been around for a while and had begun to spark a conflict within the country. To have slavery or not to have slavery was the question that pressed the country. Many in the South wanted slavery while the North mostly wanted the slaves to be free. Lincoln was president within this divided country and had to reunite them to keep the states together. Lincoln made the choice to be anti- slavery and during the civil war he assembled a good army in the North to combat the stubborn South. With the 13th amendment slavery was abolished. Later on the African Americans would face another problem, Racism. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the …show more content…
One of the larger disputed topics is the policy of neutrality that the U.S. government supposedly has. In World War One the U.S. was following the policy until the war reached a stalemate. The allies had requested help and we were the only ones who could help. By the time the U.S. came to fight the war was almost over. The war would go on to last about one more year after the U.S. joined. The case in World War One is very similar to World War two. World War two started with Germany and Italy deciding to act in a communistic way. Later Japan would join the axis side with Germany and Italy. The axis powers had invaded some countries but that didn’t change the U.S.’s opinion. It would take the bombing of pearl harbor to force the United States to become a part of the

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