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What is a recorded set of instructions for a computer?
What software is free for use and as a rule, does not require a payment? It may have limitations on its usage.
What is a type of software that can be tried before it is purchased?
If software is bought by an outside vendor, is is subject to restrictions in licensure and use. What are those restrictions called?
Software License
What occurs when the user copies or uses the copyrighted software in a way that violates the software license?
Software Piracy
What is a computer software application that allows the user to type text and to use other special options in addition to spelling and grammar?
Word Processing
What is an application that is a highly specialized word processing software with far more features than basic word processing?
Desktop Publishing
What allows a user to click on the text displayed on a webpage and a new webpage will appear?
What is a software application program that displays data in rows and columns?
What can the data in spreadsheets be sorted and manipulated to perform?
Calculations, create bar graphs, and other types of graphs
What are numbered horizontally across the page or user's screen?
What are vertical and represented by letters of the alphabet?
What is the more expert, detailed word processing application?
Desktop publishing
What type of application would one choose to generate a bar graph?
What file format would one use to easily use the same file across different computers with different word processors?
What is an example of a GUI?
Clicking on a picture of a pair of scissors and the highlighted text disappeared
Bob copied some copyrighted software and gave the copy to his friend to load on a computer. This is not allowed in the software license. What is this called?
Software Piracy
What is a collection of data that is stored in a structured format?
What is the handling of data and information by technology software?
Database management
What allows data to be entered without dashes, slashes, or other characters, but the data are displayed with it?
What is an application that combines word processing with desktop design so that a user can create an audiovisual presentation and is a powerful communications tool?
Graphics presentation software
What would be used to generate a list of pts who were discharged on April 1?
What application would be used to notify the staff that there is a department meeting on Friday at 2:00 pm?
Presentation Software
What application would you expect to use image files?
Presentation Software
October 10, 2013 is entered as 10102013, but it displays 10–10–2013. What is being used?
What is a common method of plotting planned activities on a timeline within a larger timeline? It is an optional tool in software.
Gantt Chart
What is used to manage the project through listing the tasks to be completed, the milestones, as well as start and end dates?
Gantt Chart
What is a software application used within a networked environment?
What is a typed message that is created ans submitted electronically over a computer network such as the Internet to one or more people?
When an email is too big to send through email, what can one do to send the larger file?
Zip file it
What is unwanted or unsolicited mail that is similar to junk mail that comes to a person's home mailbox?
Junk e–mail
What can be used to stop junk mail, so that the amount of junk mail can be filtered and decreased?
Spam Filter
What is a professional mailing list organized by an association for its members or interested persons?
What is a tool to identify when the manager is available for a meeting?
Calendar Software
What is one of the functions of project management software?
Gantt Chart
What may one subscribe to, to stay current on what is going on at a professional organization?
What will happen if an email address is entered incorrectly?
Returned to sender as an Error message
What is a software application that allows the user to view webpages stored on the Internet?
What is .edu used for?
Education Institutions
What is an identifier for a computer or a device on a TCP/IP network?
IP address
What is .com an example of?
Domain name
What do you use to locate an exact document on a website?
Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
What is an example of an URL?
What are programs on the Internet that search for key words or phrases entered by a user browsing the Internet?
Search engines
What is a search for a specific website or specific data stored on the Internet?
What is a method of asynchronous communication, therefore the authors of this communication can express their views at different times?
What is a service where the user can send real–time messages to another?
Instant messaging
What is a detailed search where descriptive terms are used to specify an advanced search?
a Boolean
What is .net an example of?
Domain name
What internet tool allows people to collaborate to create webpages?
What will locate a webpage that explains the health information management profession?
Search Engine