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Basic instructions on how to execute and complete a process
Graphical user interface (GUI)

a style of computer interface in which typed commands are replaced by images that represent tasks

Development of Software
•Purchased from vendor

-Already developed

-May lack functionality

•Developed by information system

-Cost lower

-Labor intensive


•Complete needs assessment

Open Software
•Open software



Software Licensing
•Restrictions in licensure and use




-Numberof users

-How software can be used

•Software piracy

Word Processing
•Software program that builds and develops text documents


Word Processing—Sample Features
•Copy and paste

•Margin justifications

•Preset tabs

•Merging of documents



Examples of Usage of Word Processing in Healthcare

•Administrative reporting

•Financial reporting

•Employee performance evaluations

•Job descriptions

•Committee minutes

•Policies and procedures

Word Processing—Desktop Publishing
•Wordprocessing software that gives user more control over moving text and images

•Used for fliers, newsletters and more

Word Processing—Rich Text Format


•Open format allowing for transferring documents between systems

Word Processing—Web Pages

•Webpage is text written on a website that is displayed on the Internet




•Software applications program that uses a table format and allows for manipulation of the data contained in the file


•Manipulate data




Examples of Usages of Spreadsheets in Healthcare




•Inventory of supplies

•Compliance statistics

•Revenue cycle data

Basic Elements of Spreadsheet Software
•Grid of rows and columns


•Download data from many information systems

•Collection of data that is stored in structured format
Uses of Databases in Healthcare



•Masterpatient index

Graphics Presentation Software
•An application that combines word processing with desktop design so that an user an create an audiovisual presentation
Examples of Presentations



•Picture gallery

Examples of Uses of Presentation Software in Healthcare




Basic Elements of Presentation Software
•Create slide

•Sort slides

Calendar Software
•Application that allows one to maintain schedule, deadlines, and more
Examples of Uses of Calendar Software in Healthcare



Basic Elements of Scheduling Software

•Setrecurring meeting


Project Management Software
Application used within a management task that helps bring a particular project to its desired outcome
Examples of Usages of Project Management Software in Healthcare
•Implementationof new information system

•Implementationof new security program

Project Management Software

•Trackprogress of tasks




Electronic Mail Software
•Applicationwithin a networked environment that sends typed message



Examples of Usages of Electronic Mail Software in Healthcare
•Answerpatient questions

•Remindersof patient visits


•Communicationbetween healthcare staff

Basic Elements of Electronic Mail




Electronic Mail Transmission Types






Electronic Mail Internet Service Providers

•Computer company that provides access to the Internet

Electronic Mail Messages

•Messages can be:







Electronic Mail Software Listserv

•Professional mailing list organized by an association for its members or interested persons.

•Members can post messages on topics of interest to the group

Internet and Web Browsers

•Software that allows computer to link to the Internet


Internet and Web Browsers

•Internet protocol

•Domain name

Internet and Web Browsers


•Social media

•Online courses

•Instant messaging

•Online meetings


Internet and Web Browsers Common Address Extensions





Internet and Web Browsers: Searches

•Search engines

•Boolean search


•Uniform resource locator

•Worldwide web

Internet and Web Browsers: Sample Uniform Resource Locator

The more expert, detailed word processing applications are known as:

desktop publishing

What type of application would one choose to generate a bar graph?


Which file format would one use to easily use the same file across different computers with different word processors?


An example of a _______ would be clicking on a picture of a pair of scissors and the highlighted text disappeared.


Bob copied some copyrighted software and gave the copy to his friend to load on a computer. This is not allowed in the software license. What is this called?

Software piracy

What would be used to generate a list of patients who were discharged on April 1?


What application would be used to notify the staff that there is a department meeting on Friday at 2:00 pm?

Presentation software

What application would you expect to use image files?

Presentation software

October 10, 2013 is entered as 10102013, but it displays 10/10/2013. This is the use of ______.

A feature in a database where data can be entered without dashes, slashes, or other characters, but the data are displayed with it


A tool used to identify when the manager is available for a meeting is:

calendar software

One of the functions of the project management software is:

A graphic tool used to plot tasks in project management that shows the duration of project tasks and overlapping tasks

Gantt chart

To stay current on what is going on at a professional organization, one should subscribe to a _____ to receive regular emails.

A professional mailing list organized by an association for its members or interested persons


If an e-mail address has been entered incorrectly, the message will then be _____________________.

returned to sender as Error Messsage

A detailed search where descriptive terms are used to specify an advanced search is called _________________.

a Boolean

Within the example of ".net", this portion of the Internet Address is known as the:

domain name

What internet tool allows people to collaborate to create webpages?

A collection of webpages that together form a collaborative website


Which of the following will locate a webpage that explains the health information management profession?

Search engine


web logs that provide a web page where users can post text, images, and links, to other websites


a type of communications medium that can transmit multiple channels of data simultaneously


a program that provides a way to view and read documents available on the World Wide Web


a type of transmission that uses a coaxial wire within the television network where a copper wire is used that is shielded by plastic and braided copper

Digital subscriber line (DSL)

a type of transmission which uses a coaxial line but uses a twisted set of wiring which helps to reduce noise reduction


a type of transmission which connects directly to a network or the Internet; glass transmits light which carries the data through the wires


software that is free for use and as a rule, does not require any payment. It may, however, have limitations on its usage

Graphic presentation software

an application that combines word processing with desktop design so that a user can create an audiovisual presentation and is a powerful communications tool


allow the user to click on the text displayed and a new webpage appears

Instant Messaging

a service where the user can send real time messages to another user

Internet service provider (ISP)

a company that provides connections to the Internet

Junk e-mail

unwanted and unsolicited mail that is similar to the junk mail that comes to a person's home mailbox


component of a computer that allows the computer to communicate with other devices


a search for a specific website or specific data stored on the Internet

Search engine

a software program used to search for data in databases


a type of software that can be tried before it is purchased

Software license

software purchased by an outside vendor subject to restrictions in licensure and use; software developed by the vendor has been copyrighted by the manufacturer

Spam filter

used to send the junk mail to the ISP, so that the amount of junk mail can be filtered and decreased

T1 Line

channels that can be used for data and are extremely powerful to carry large chunks of data

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

a website address that will take the web browser directly to the document located on a webpage


information stored on the Internet that can be located through a URL

What you see is what you get


the computer screen mimics the output of the printer, so the user can see what the final output of the document will be

Word processing

a computer software application that allows the user to type text and to use other special options in addition to editing spelling and grammar

World Wide Web (WWW)

enables the user to look for something specific on the Internet


a computer utility that combines 2 or more files into one and reduces the size of the file