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clinical information
The data stored in this system are used to diagnose a patient's condition, make treatment decisions, monitor current condition, and manage overall care.
clinical information
Radiology, laboratory, nursing, pharmacy, patient monitoring, teleheath, and smart cards are within the _____ system.
clinical information
These systems are frequently the source systems for the EHR.
hospital information system
Demographic information is collected in the _____.
patient care, timely access to data, complete data, comprehensive view of care
Clinical information systems are used to support ____. Information provided in the system offers providers ______, _____, and _____.
This CIS is used to collect, store, and provide information on test such as ultrasound, MRI, and positron emission tomography.
This system can assist in patient scheduling of x-rays, reporting charges for an ultrasound, generating reports, tracking nuclear materials and other administrative tasks.
picture archival communication systems
In these, x-rays, MRIs, mammograms, and other exams are stored digitally.
storing film, immediately available, pull, file films, copies, folders.
The advantages of PACS include eliminating need for ______; images are _____; eliminating need to ____ and _____, make ____, or purchase ____.
save money, physical space, customer service, lost files
PACs eliminate film which helps to ___ and ____, improves ____, and eliminates _____.
The ability of images to be viewed from any location by the radiologist and other users.
These allow radiologists to easily compare previous films to current ones, zoom in on suspicious areas, enhance an image, move and image, magnify, rotate, etc.
This information system collects stores, and manages tests (like blood chemistry, blood bands, and pathology) and their respective results.
speed up, test results
The LIS can _____ access to ____ through improved efficiency from various locations.
CPOE, order entry system
The physician order for a lab test is generally received from ____ or other ____.
radiology information system
The radiology system that provides postprocedure patient instructions is:
develop retention plan
How can the HIM professional utilize the radiology information system?
clinical information
The patient monitoring system is a ____ system.
quality of resolution
Compression and decompression of a large image to be transported across a network is required due to:
Which information systems prints barcodes to track specimens, notifies physicians of panic values, and identifies normal ranges for each test noting high, low, and panic levels?
patient bill is charged automatically
How would the chargemaster affect the pharmacy information system after an order has been filled and has been given to the patient?
Performing surgery using technology to include robotics and computers where a physician is in one state and the patient is in a neighboring state is termed:
True or False. Smart cards computer chip capacity technology ranges from 8GB to 128GB.
If I were to search the information system for my patient's report from today's exam on the Gamma Knife, I would need to look at the information system of this system:
This information system houses and maintains a GI series procedure.
The clinical information systems within a facility can communicate with each other and health care providers because these are connected by the:
support patient care, diagnosis, treatment, management of patient care
The major goal of clinical information systems is to _____ by providing access to information for _____, _____, and _____.
A computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system where providers use the computer software to electronically replace written or verbal orders would most likely be found within this clinical software:
Optical character recognition (OCR) where barcoding is used to improve patient safety at bedside or point of care to assure patients get the right dose through the right route would most likely be found within this clinical software:
therapeutic, diagnostic, surgical results
The greatest asses to clinical information is that healthcare providers have instantaneous access to _____, _____, and _____ within the patient's health record
straight memory card
My company does not have a lot of money to spend but I want to get smart cards for all of my employees in my company. I have 15 employees and I need the least expensive type of smart card that I can find, thus, I should choose this type of smart card:
picture archival communication system
PACS stands for ____.
Pathology reports can be retrieved using the _____ information system
hospital information system
Demographic data are obtained from the _____.
Quality improvement studies can be done using _____ information systems.
Medication errors will _____ by using the pharmacy information system
True or false. Nursing scheduling systems are available within the nursing information systems.
rural areas
Telehealth is best used for health care in _____.
True or false. Critical paths would be found within PACS.
file radiology films, purchase film folders, lost files
The equivalent of filmless radiology eliminates the need to _____ and _______ and eliminates _____.
oxygen saturation rates, vital signs, fetal monitoring
Patient monitoring systems include _____, _____, and _____.
carry data, all times
Smart cards are a convenient way to ______ with the patient at _____.
vital data, emergency situations, proper care
Smart cards can provide a physician with _____ in _____ for ____.
Smart card are a relatively inexpensive way to carry ____.
quality improvement, credentialing, utilization management/case management
Clinical information systems can be used for _____, _____, and ______.
protected/segmented memory
These smart cards have the ability to use logic and restrict a user's capabilities to view or edit data - passwords can be used.
CPU/MPU microprocessor multifunction
These smart cards are capable of segmenting and storing data and allow use with multiple functions and applications.
licensed, qualified
With telemedicine, it is important that physicians are _____ and _____ to practice within state.
cpu/mpu microprocessor multifunction
This type of smart card allows multiple purposes on one card.
telecommunications, networks
Telehealth uses which two technologies to communicate between a patient and provider?
stand alone, integrated
The two types of pharmacy information systems are
For telehealth, documentation requirements are ____ as face to face patient care.
A collection of related components that interact to perform a task in order to accomplish a goal.
information system
This collects, processes, stores, analyzes, and disseminates information for a specific purpose.
transaction processing systems
Automates routine and repetitive tasks that are critical to the operation of the organization.
60, 70
Personnel expenses make up ___ to ___ percent of operating budgets.
search, review/verify, approve/merge
Merge process involves what three steps?
This reporting system delivers information to users on a scheduled basis using predefined report templates.
These systems provide the stored knowledge of experts to non experts, so the latter can solve difficult or time-consuming problems.
This system makes recommended decisions for the users based on the built-in expertise and knowledge.