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What cell cycle regulatory protein is a tumor-suppressor protein?
Proteins with postitive charges that are wrapped around DNA within chromosomes are:
If cell division is no longer posssible, eukaryotes can arrest the cell cycle. During which stage is this decision made?
What causes cancer in cells?
Damage to genes failing to stop cell division.
During metaphase:
Chromosomes line up on the equatorial plane.
The G1, S, and G2 phases of the cell cycle are collectively know as:
Most eukaryotes have between ___________ chromosomes in their body cells.
10 and 50
Cigarette smoke causes mutations in the p53 gene.
Which of the following does not occur during telophase:
The nuclear membrane disappears.
Which is not correct about the way prokaryotes divide?
The replication of DNA occurs in one direction around the circle.
All of the following are correct about cancer except:
benign cells are those that have metastasized
What is telomerase?
An enzyme that adds bases back to the tip of chromosomes every time a cell divides
The spindle is:
the network of protein cables that will pull the chromatids ends of th cell
Which is incorrect about chromosomes?
Chromosomes all have the same number of genes on them.
The eukaryotic cell cycle is controlled at several points; which of these is not a control point?
Cell growth is assessed at the S checkpoint.
You look in the microscope and see sister chromatids moving to opposite sides of the cell. You conclude the cell is in:
During which stage of the cell cycle does the synthesis of microtubues occur?
After duplicaton, sister chromatids, remain joined together:
by the centromere
All of the following are correct about HER2 except:
Most colon cancers have excess copies of this protein on their cells.
During which mitotic stage is the spindle disassembled, the nuclear membrane formed and the chromosome uncoil?
Identical copies of each chromosome are called __________and are joined at the _______.
Sister chromatids; centromere
Which is incorrect about p53?
It stimulates th activity of DNA repair enzymes.
The diploid number of chromosomes in humans is 46. The haploid number is:
Mutations disabling key elements of the G1 checkpoint are associated with many cancers.
The proper sequence, beginning to end, for stages of mitosis is:
Prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase