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Which wavelength of light is the shortest?
Gamma rays
After hydrogens and electrons are stripped fom NADPH, NADP+:
is recycled back to the light dependent reactions.
Plants use________ and _______ wavelengths of light and reflects the ______ wavelength.
red, blue, green
C4 photosynthesis is an adaptation to hot, dry conditions in which:
CO2 is fixed and stored in the leaf
The most abundant protein on earth is:
Which is incorrect about photosynthesis?
The light reactions take palce in th cytoplasm and the light-independent reactons occur inthe chloropast.
When something appears blue, it is absorbing all colors except____.
When carbon dioxide is low in th leaf, the Calvin cycle cannot proceed efficiently, and the result is:
Which of the following is not preent during the Calvin cycle?
A pigment appears red if it absorbs red light.
How many turns of the Calvin Cycle asre needed to make one glucose molecule?
During photosynthesis, ATP molecules are generated by:
Light energy arrives at earth in the little packets called:
Which of the following does not do photosynthesis?
roots of plants
Within chloroplasts, the fluid-like maxtrix in which the Calvin Cycle occurs is called:
The full range of energy in sunlight can best be described as:
electromagnetic radiation
The production of ATP in photosysnthesis is called:
How much of the radiant energy from the sun is incorporated into organic compounds in th process of photosynthesis?
1% or less
The overall purpose of the Calvin Cycle is to:
Build organic(carbon) molecules
Carotenoids are important to many plants because these pigments are able to:
absorb violet and blue-green wavelengths of light that are not absorbed by chlorophyll.
Most of the atmospheric oxygen occurs as a result of photosynthesis. From which of the following molecules is the oxygen derived?
A photosystem transfers the excitation energy gathered by its pigment molecules to a specific cholorophyll at the reaction center.
The main products of photosynthesis are:
glucose and oxygen
The main products of photosynthesis are:
ATP and oxygen
The energy to power the Calvin cycle comes from:
the light dependent reactons of photosynthesis.
After the phosphate bonds are broken in ATP inthe Calvin cycle, what happens to the ADP?
It is recycled back to the light-dependent reactions.