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In any experiment, one must be certain to:
Have a suitable control group.
_______ is the process of the transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring.
A biologist wants to test the effectiveness of a new food additive on causing growth in mice. An effective control group would be one that:
was fed the same ration without the food additive.
The most inclusive group in taxonomy is a:
All organisms possess a genetic system that is based on:
Evolution is the genetic change in a species over time.
We have all heard that dietary fats are linked to higher incidences of heart disease and cancer in humans. Choose the proper hypothesis that a scientist could test.
Fat levels above 30% of calories are all somehow interrelated.
Choose the property that is NOT common to all living things.
Who is credited for discovering cells?
Robert Hooke
Which of the following is incorrect about experimental variables?
When graphing data, the independent variable is always presented on the y-axis.
In a multicellular organism, different tissues that function together are grouped into:
All living things are able to maintain stable internal conditions, whether they are unicellular or complex, multicellular organisms. This property is called:
Which of the following isn NOT an underlying theme of biology?
Which kingdom contains nonphotosynthetic multicellular organisms that digest their food internally?
Which group includes the simplest of organisms that do not have nucleus?
Archaea and bacteria
After Joseph Farman discovered, in 1985, that an ozone hole was developing over Antarctica, scientists measured levels of chemicals in the upper atmosphere. They found a suprising concentration of ozone-destroying:
Some living organisms possesss RNA as their only genetic material.
Scientits employ _____ reasoning when performing the scientific process.
The test of a hypothesis is called a
The proper order for the hierarchy of increasing complexity is:
The_____ of flowering plants and insects is responsible for much of the diversity of these groups.
Biologists study the diversity of life in manys except the observations of:
Which kingdom contains nonphotosynthetic multicellular organisms that digest their food externally?
The different populations of all th species in a given area make up a
A scientist wants to study the effect of vitamin C on colds. He recruits 100 people with colds and gives the experimental group 1000 mg of vitamin C per day. What would be an appropriate control?
Give the control group a pill similar to vitamin C but containing sugar ( a placebo).