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What does ADP 6-22 cover

Army leadership

What is Army leadership

A army leader is someone who is assigned the responsibility to inspire and influences people to accomplish organizational goals

What is leadership

Leadership is the process of influencing people through Direction and motivation

What is toxic leadership

A toxic leader is a combination of self-centered attitudes, motivations and behaviors

Can a toxic leader still achieve results

Yes only short-term results

What are two characteristics of a toxic leader

Self worth and self-interest

What are three levels of leadership

Direct, organizational, strategic

What are the three leader attributes

Character presence and intellect

What are the three leader competencies

Leads develops achieves

What year was the Army's first leadership Doctrine published


How do army leaders build trust

Being honest and dependable

What are the three principal ways that leaders can develop others

Counseling, coaching, and mentoring

How is Leadership characterized?

By a complex mix of organizational, situational, and mission demands on a leader who applies personal qualities, abilities, and experiences to exert influence on the organization, its people, the situation, and the unfolding mission

what is the leader responsible for?

Developing individuals and improving the organization for the near and long-term

What does an organization have with effective leadership?

A clear purpose, common methods, and ordered processes

What two (2) components make up the Army Leadership Requirements Model?

Attributes & Competencies