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What does an aircraft landing status code of 2 mean with regard to aircraft or system condition?
Aircraft or system has minor discrepancies but is capable of further mission assignment within normalturnaround times.
What are the three different types of crew chief positions that can be assigned to the AircraftSection?
DCCs, ADCCs, and FCCs
In a general sense, what are DCCs and ADCCs charged with doing in respect to their assignedaircraft?
Managing and supervising all maintenance on their assigned aircraft
The Specialist Section is normally responsible for what duties?
Aircraft troubleshooting, on-equipment repairs, component R&I, reprogramming avionics systems, andclassified aircraft items management.
Why is the Specialist Section NCOIC responsible for promoting cross-talk with other unitspecialist sections?
To obtain information on system/component repeat, recur, and CND trends
Which specialist is responsible for maintaining ECS, bleed air, vacuum, pneumatic, firesuppression, and oxygen systems?
E&E specialist.
Who must the specialist expediters coordinate with in determining maintenance priorities forspecialist support?
With the Pro Super and flight-line expediter
What are the two standard elements in an AMU Weapons Section?
Loading and Maintenance
Who serves as the key advisor to the AMXS MOO on factors that affect weapons training,weapons loading, and armament system maintenance capabilities for the AMU?
Weapons Section NCOIC
What are weapons expediters responsible for monitoring with regard to the Weapons SectionNCOIC?
Monitoring all armament systems maintenance and loading operations.
Who must the weapons expediter coordinate with for the delivery and pick-up of munitions?
With MOC or munitions control.
Who is responsible for controlling access to an aircraft undergoing munitions loading andunloading?
Load crew chief.
The NCOIC of the AMU Support Section must come from one of what two AFSCs?
What is the minimum amount of time that personnel are normally assigned to the SupportSection?
12 months.
What information must Supply Support personnel keep expediters updated on?
The status of all back-ordered parts
If the MXS has more than 700 manning authorizations, what do commanders have the option ofdoing?
They can separate MXS into two squadrons: EMS and CMS
What sections are in a standard Accessories Flight?
The E&E, egress, fuel systems, and hydraulics sections
What Accessories Flight section is responsible for repairing oxygen and nitrogen servicing carts?
E&E Section
When egress explosive devices are damaged or suspected to be unsafe, who does the EgressSection request assistance from?
What three sections usually make up the AGE Flight?
Repair and Inspection; Servicing, Pickup, and Delivery; and AGE Production Support.
What AGE Flight section is responsible for maintaining TO files?
AGE Production Support.
What is the overall mission of the Armament Flight?
To perform off-equipment maintenance for assigned aircraft armament systems, guns, pylons, racks,launchers, and adapters
Who does the Armament Flight CC/Chief assist in recommending distributions of 2W1X1personnel to satisfy on- and off-equipment weapons release and gun system maintenance?
Which Armament Flight section coordinates with MOF PS&D in scheduling inspections, TCTOs,and time-changes?
Armament Maintenance
Which Avionics Flight section off-equipment maintenance and/or CND screening oncommunication and navigation components and systems, including assigned SE not maintainedby TMDE?
Which Avionics Flight section maintains LANTIRN pods?

What section maintains, programs, and performs TCTOs on avionics components when thespecified test stations and support equipment are available in the section?

Avionics Intermediate

What sections make up the Fabrication Flight?

Aircraft Structural Maintenance, Low-Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance, Metals Technology, andNDI.

What two Fabrication Flight sections are responsible for corrosion control?

ASM and LO.

What is the Metals Technology section tasked with doing?

Inspecting, repairing, servicing, manufacturing, fabricating, heat treating, testing, cleaning, and weldingaircraft, equipment, components, and tools.

What four sections normally make up the Maintenance Flight?

Repair and Reclamation, Wheel and Tire, Aircraft Inspection, and Transient Alert.

Which Maintenance Flight removes, replaces, and rigs flight control surfaces?

Repair and Reclamation.

What is the definition of transient aircraft?

Aircraft not assigned to the local base and are en route from one location to another that may requireroutine servicing.

Which Munitions Flight section assembles, disassembles, delivers, inspects, and maintainsconventional munitions, missiles, containers, and dispensers?

Munitions Production

Which Munitions Flight section manages unit mobility and training programs?

Munitions Systems.

Who acts as the wing focal point for propulsion maintenance programs and gives advice to wingleadership about propulsion issues?

Propulsion Flight CC/Chief

Which Propulsion Flight section stores, builds up, tears down, modifies, and repairs engines,quick engine change kits, and test components?


Which Propulsion Flight section is responsible for maintaining, managing, and storing enginesupport trailers

Engine Equipment Maintenance.

Which TMDE Flight section performs in-laboratory and on-site calibration and repair usinglaboratory equipment and calibration standards?


Who do the PMEL QA Section evaluators report their inspection findings to?

TMDE Flight CC/Chief

What are the four elements of the TMDE Production Control section?

Customer service, production scheduling, traffic management, and maintenance supply liaison.