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What are the two categories of maintenance?
On-equipment and off-equipment
What is an end-item? Give two examples
A piece of equipment that is not part of a larger piece of equipment. (Ground power unit, test stand, aircraft, etc)
Define off-equipment maintenance.
Maintenance performed off of the aircraft or on an end item piece.
What are the three levels of maintenance?
Organizational, Intermediate, depot
Generally speaking, if you're working in-shop at a regular operational base, what type of maintenance are you performing?
Where is depot-level maintenance performed?
Off-base on a depot base or facility
What AFI covers the duties and responsibilities of key leadership positions within a maintenance organization?
Who is responsible for establishing written procedutres to review and clear repeat, recurring, and CND discrepancies?
Who is repsonsible for providing aircraft status updates as required?
Production superintendent
Who manages the SCR?
MOO/MX Superintendent
What three squadrons exist within the MXG?
What flights exist within MXS?
Propulsion, Avionics, TMDE, Fabrication, Accesories, Maintenance, Armament, Munitions, and AGE

What actions may be taken if an MXS becomes very large (in excess of 700 manning authorizations)?
The squadron can be divided into an EMS or a CMS
What is AMXS responsible for?
Servicing, inspection, maintaining, launching, and recovering assigned and transient aircraft
Who serves as the primary technical advisory agency in the maintenance organization, assisting maintenance at all levels to resolve quality problems?
QA (Quality Assurance)
Your role in IMDS starts with what?
Entering accurate data
What is the purpose of IMDS?
To support aircraft, missile, communications, and equipment maintenace activites at worldwide operating locations
What are the three general functions of IMDS?
Data input, information retrieval, and data reporting for use by higher headquarters
What will happen when operational requirements have not been met?
An investigation is intiated to dermine the cause or causes
Explain the IMDS training managment subsystem.
It extends the capability of training management personell by abosrbing much of the manual administrative burden. It also allows users to forecast and scedule personal training requirements.
What subsystem provides the capability to order parts for unscheduled/scheduled maintenance requirements?
Material Management interface (SBSS)
What section of the AFTO Form 244 will you document required service inspections?
Part 2
Why is it important to make form entries complete, correct, legible, and neat?
To reduce the possibiltiy of errors caused by someone's misinterpretation of our careless entries.
What is the minimum signature of most maintenance forms?
First name initial, last name, and employee number
When documenting discrepancies on maintenance forms, what is the date format you will use for the date discovered?
Why are symbols entered in red?
To make the important warning syignals stand out more clearly
Who may change a symbol if a condition is believed to be more serious than represented by the current symbol?
Any person within the maintenance activity
What does the red X indicate?
The aircraft or equipment is unfit for flight.
How is the red diagonal entered in the forms?
From the upper right hand to the lower left hand

In regards to qualification training, when are re-evaluations required?
When an individual shows a qualification deficiency or when there's a change in assignment or equipment
Maintenance management training covers what three aspects of maintenance management?
Functions, relationships, and procedures.
What is UGT (Upgrade Training)?
A program that provides the Air Force specialty traingin to meet job knowledge and skill-level requirements.
What are the scheduled aircraft inspections used by the Air Force?
Periodic, isochronal, phased, and programmed depot maintenance
What inspection will be accomplished when an immediate turn-around or a continuation flight is scheduled?
When should a BPO inspection be accomplished?
After the last flight of the day and after the aircraft has been cleared for maintenance by operations
What are the three characteristics in determining the material management segments?
The material management segment is global; mission accomplishment depends upon the performance of specialized functions such as storage, distribution, and disposal; and the system contains millions of items that vary in size, use, complexity, and value.
What MAJCOM is responsible for operating the entire Air Force supply system?
AFMC (Air Force Material Command)
What does the SBLC (Standard Base-Level Computer) account for?
Supplies, equipment, POL (Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants), munitions, and clothing
What can logisticians, customers, and commanders track with the material management system?
Every item in the supply system
What is the NSN (National Stock Number)?
A 13-digit number used to identify an item in the national supply system
What does the third position of an ERRC code indicate?
The cost category in which an item belongs
Who is responsible for bench stock security?
The person-in-charge of the maintenance activity
Who is responsible for replenishing out-of-stock items?
The bench-stock support section
What will drive personnel to adopt a more businesslike approach to duty?
Cost accountability
What is a stock fund?
A system for financing the acquisition of inventory and holding it until required for use by various activities
What are stuock fund cash and inventories called when combined?
Capital or corpus
What pricing system was developed for DLR items?
Forcast acquisition cost, standard price, a carcass price, and an exchange price
List the positive factors of the DLR program?
On-equipment troubleshooting improves, repairing more; more repair at base level means more O&M dollars available in the unit O&M budget NRTS items cost money since the unit abosrbs the exchange cost; reparing faster; it's important to realize that the longer a DLR is kept in the repair cylce, the longer O&M dollars are tied up. Repairing an item faster to turn in will free up O&M dollars that maintenance can use elsewhere.
What form is used for a supply request?
AF Form 2005
What is the dating system used in nearly all supply transactions?
Julian system
On the AF 2005, what does demand code "R" mean?
Recurring need
What tag is used to identify an item that has been removed from the aircraft?
AFTO Form 350
What document is used for internal control of a DIFM item?
AFTO form 350
As an AFTO Form 350 tag initiator, which blocks are you required to fill out on the front side of Part I?
Blocks 1-4, and 15a are completed by the person intiating the form
Why are supply condition tags color coded?
For easy recognition at a glance
What supply condition tag would you use to identify unserviceable (Reparable) items?
The green DD form 1577-2
What is the purpose of the material deficiency system?
To provide data to agencies that are responsible for development, procurement, and other logistics management functions
What conditions would warrant a Cat I DR?
Emergency conditions that, if uncorrected, would cause death, sever injury, or sever occupational illness major los or damge to equipment/weapons system or directly restricts combat/operations readiness
Which DR category is submitted when errors due to workmanship are discovered?
Cat II
Depending on the circumstances, what types of Air Force property responsibility can any person, military, or civilian, be charged with?
Command and custodial
What type of repsonsibility must an individual assume who has acquired physical possesion of governement property?
What are the two ways a person can be relieved from property responsibility when pecuniary liability is not involved?
Turn-in or transfer
What is meant by pecuniary liabilty?
It means we must pay for the loss, destruction, or damage of property caused by our maladministration or negligence
What are the three ways to settle an obligatioin to the Air Force?
Report of survey, cash collection voucher, and statement of charges
Who prepares the cash collection voucher?
The responsible or accountable officer
What is the type of index TO you will use most frequently?
LOAP or List of Publishable Applications
When you need to know how to work on a weapons system, what should you use?
Technical manuals
What type of Technical Manual ends with a -4?
IPB (Illustrated Parts Breakdown)
How many classes of MPTOs are there? Give examples?
Two (00-20 series and 00-25-223 series TOs)
What is an abbreviated Technical Order?
TOs of this thype are primarly work simplification devices
Beofre using an abbreviated checklist, what should you do?
You should read the amplified version of the operation contained in the appropriate -2 maintenance manual.
What does TCTO stand for?
Time compliance technical order
What is the most serious TCTO?
Immediate action
Who assigns technical order numbers?
A numbering specialist in the USAF technical order system section
What is used in the TO numbering system to identify equipment category and type?
The first group of the TO's name, the number is the category and the letter is the type of equipment.
Label each group of the TO number given.

1- TO Category
C- Basic mission number
-130- model
J- Production series
-4- type of TO
-1- section of book
What is meant by the term "Basic mission symbol"?
The TO symbol which represents the mission the aircraft was built to perform.
When a TO has four groups, what does the fourth group indicate?
The section of the TO
What are the three designators in equipment TO 9H4?
The category, the major group, and the specific type of major group.
What does MIDAS stand for?
Maintenance Integrated Data Access System
What does the MIDAS TO system and the basic TO system have in common?
The first three group of the TO number are formed in the same manner.
List the types of TOs you would find in the MIDAS system.
FI (Fault isolation), FR (Fault reporting, GS (General systems), GV (General Vehicle), JG (Job guide), SD (Schematic diagram), and WD (Wiring data).
Which technical manual give you an overview of the entire aircraft?
GV (General vehicle)
What do the first two digits of the MIDAS system/subsystem number represent?
The Major system
Which manual contains a vast wealth of system knowledge?
GS (General system)
What are job guides designed for?
To lead you through a specific maintenance task
What is a revision, and when is it normally issued?
A completely new edition to a TO. It incorporates all previous changes, supplements, and new duty that would normally have required a seperate update into the basic TO.
How are TOPS pages filed?
Facing the affected TO page
How is a safety supplement identified?
The title page is printed with a border of red "SS"s and other important info in red. The words "Safety Supplement" appear at the tope and bottom of the title page.
When can publications be removed from the files?
Not until they are listed as "Rescinded" in the TO indexes.
What is the purpose of the word "Note" in a technical manual?
Adding emphasis to material that follows it.
Before you submit an improvement report, what factos must be weighed?
Personell and weapon system safety, mission impact, damage to equipment, work simplification, urgency, manpower savings, and cost to change the TO
What are the three types of technical order system publication improvement reports?
Emergency, routine, and urgent
To whom does QA forward an urgen action report?
The appropriate MAJCOM control point
Once an ALC activity receives a routine report, how many days do they have to reply?
45 days
Which TO covers the procedures for preparing an AFTO Form 22?
TO 00-5-1
List the personal characteristics that cause an individual to perform an unsafe act or to overlook or tolerate an unsafe condition.
Inattentiveness, excitability, impatience, and stubborness
List the four major phases of safety training.
Initial training, supervisor's training, job training, and general training
What are the most frequently used methods in sustained job safety training?
Personal interviews by the supervisor and 5-minute stand-up talks are the most frequent methods
What do poorly lit work areas contribute to?
Poor housekeeping and to accident possibilities.
What type of container is used to dispose of oily rags?
Plainly marked metal containers with self-closing lids.
What is a good rule for tool storage?
A place for every tool, and every tool in it's place.
Who can correct someone who is carrying tools in their pockets?
What should be done with cracked or broken tools?
Replace them immediately
What protection do safety hats provide?
Impact and penetration from falling or flying objects
List some effects that noise can have on you.
Hearing loss, speech interference, sleep loss, and possible stress reactions
Who must wear reflective gear? When?
Flightline personell who are exposed to vehicle or aircraft traffic during the hours of darkness or periods of reduced visibility.
What goes hand-in-hand with fire prevention?
Good housekeeping
List three fire prevention methods.
Don't allow the accumulation of ooily rags, don't saturate your clothing with flammable material, and don't store flammable fuels in open containers.
What is considered to be the direct cause of any accident?
Unsafe acts and conditions.
When is it permissible to wear wristwatches while working on aircraft electrical systems?
What type of protective clothing will maintenance personnel wear while working around hot exhaut or tailpipes?
Gloves and long-sleeve shirts
What position would you assume to lift an object from a level lower than your waist?
A squatting position with your back straight
In order for a fire to burn, what must be present?
What is meant by inert gas?
It will not support life or combustion.
Describe the two types of nitrogen cylinders.
Both are grey. The oil-free nitrogen is recognized by two 3-inch black bands around the shoulder. The second is oil-tolerant and is recognized by one 3-inch black band.
List five hazards that are responsible for accidents involving electricity.
Short circuits, overloading, accidental grounding, poor electrical contacts, and misuse of equipment
When working with electrical equipment, why not use a wooden-handled screwdriver?
Wood can abosrb moisture.
What does the Air Force use to warn you of immediate, existing, or potentially hazardous situations?
Mishap prevention tags
List four prevention tags.
Danger, caution, out of order, and do not start.
When using Danger Tags, when would you not coordinate with ground safety, fire department, and BES personnel?
During routine aircraft or shop maintenance required by TOs or regulations.
Who can remove a Caution Tag?
The supervisor when the hazard is abated.
If the TO prescribes it, an out of order tag can be substituted with what tag?
A green tag
What is energy control?
Preventing unexpected start-up of equipment through the lock out/tag-out of energy isolation devices
List three sources of radio frequency (RF) radiation.
High frequency radio transmitters, radar, and electric countermeasure devices.
Why is the hazard of radiation not always apparent?
It is often hidden behind a viosr or radome.
List the major danger areas around an operating jet engine.
Engine intake, exhaust, and the plane or rotation
What is normally considered a safe distance from an operating jet engine intake?
25 feet
In regard to turbine plane of rotation, where should you stand when the engine is operating?
Always stand for or aft of the plane of rotation
How is sound measured?
in decibels
Where is noise intensity the greatest around operating jet aircraft?
To the rear of the engine, 45 degrees on either side
Why is "Prop wash" dangerous?
It can throw dirt and other particles
When are ejection seat safety pins and streamers installed?
Immediately after flight
What is switchitis?
Turning ever switch or lever to find out what it does.
When operating power-actuated systems, what must you do?
Make sure they are clear of personell and equipment.
What are the effects of excessive braking?
It weakens the tire and wheel, increases tire pressure, and creates a fire hazard in magnesium wheels.
Why would you not want to rapidly cool an overheated wheel?
Cooling may cause it to fracture or fly apart
Hoow and from what direction should you approach an aircraft with overheated brakes?
The nose or tail direction
What is the goal of the Nuclear Surety Program?
To incorporate maximum nuclear surety surety, consistent with operational requirements, from weapon development to retirement from the inventory.
What are the three minimum safety standards of the nuclear surety program?
Maintain weapons security, prevent unauthorized or accidental actions, or prevent unauthorized explosion.
What is a Safe Haven?
A designated area where nuclear weapons might be evacuated during an emergency.
What information might you hear during a pre-task briefing?
Locations of restricted areas, emergency evacuation procedures, and methods for reporting violations and hazards.
What is permissive action link?
A family of devices designed to reduce the possibility of a nuclear explosion without the insertion of a controlled numerical code.
Name two of your individual responsibilities toward the nuclear surety program.
Reporting whether or not you are qualified for a task, and compliance with the 2-person concept.
Who is responsible to certify or decertify individuals from PRP (Personnel Reliablity Program)?
The Unit Commander
Can a non-US citizen/US national be PRP certified?
By what methods, does a CO (Certifying official) study past behanvior?
Reviewing EPRs, requesting special investigations, and conducting personal interviews
What are your individual responsiblities toward PRP?
Monitor your reliablitly; inform support agencies of your PRP status; monitor coworkers; stay physically, mentally, and technically competent.
What is the two-person concept designed to do?
Make sure that a lone individual never has an opportunity to perform an incorrect action.
Who identifies/establishes no-lone zones?
The organization that has a mission or function involving nuclear weapons.
When may a non-PRP certified individual enter into a no-lone zone?
When accompanied by a qualified 2-person team.
What is the purpose of the tamper detecrtion program?
To verify no one has tampered with a component.