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In 1943 as a result of the reorganization of the war depo, what were the army air force military police companies renamed?

Army airforce base security battalions.

When did the designation "air police" come into effect?

November 1948

Why was base defense training discontinued in 1956?

It wasn't making significant headway.

When and to whom was the first air police shield issued?

1959 to general Burnham. Air provost marshal

When was our current shield adopted?


Why do SF members wear distinctive uniforms?

So personnel can easily identify SF members in a crisis.

In initial stages of the Korean war, why did American and South Korean forces fall back?

They were I'll prepared, air bases were being overrun, air police were the only armed people on base.

Due to Korea, the air force was led to make what base defense decision?

Build a extensive base defense capability by training air police who would train other airforce personnel.

In the 60's, why was the name air provost marshal changed to director of security and Law enforcement?

They wanted a title that included the responsibilities of the job.

Operation safe side?

The end of Vietnam led to the operations creation. An effort to upgrade airbase protection. Training SP in light infantry and special weapons. It's the basis of today's FPCON's.

What career milestone happened in 1971?

12 female airmen entered law enforcement specialty training.

What's the purpose of the shift commander and what year was it introduced?

To provide support to SP on duty by a SP commissioned officer. Introduced in 1975.

During GLCM deployments, what role did SP play?

SP were pivotal for safety and protection of the weapon system.

What event found SP units involved in large scale war on foreign soil since Vietnam?

Operation Desert Storm.

After khobar towers, what action did AF direct to ensure force protection changes were instituted?

Security and Law enforcement were merged. Created the name SF.

What way did air mobility command adopt "first in" security force concept?

Phoenix raven program.

After 911, what security levels placed heavy demands on SF?

FPCON Charlie.

What unit conducted the career fields first combat parachute assault?

786th sfs

Where is ID applications of active and passive defense measures employed?

Across the legally defined ground dimension of the operational environment.

What year was the defensor fortis emblem and motto adopted?


What the crosses runways on the SF flash represent?

All bases and airforce operations.

What are the DFC responsibilities?

Total execution of integrated defense mission, includes tactical employment, training, admin, personnel management.

What are duties of S-1?

Maintenance of unit strength, development of maintenance of morale, decorations and awards.

What sections compromise the s-2 branch?

Anti terrorism, force protection, and investigations sections.

What type of duties do combat arms personnel perform?

Provide instruction for personnel on safety and qualification for assignment of weapons.

What functions fall under S-5?

Pass abd identification, reports and analysis, plans,installation security, maintaining SFMIS

What agency publishes the SF CFETP?

AF SF center

What knowledge is mandatory for 3 skill level?

SF weaponry, laws, directives, programs, installation security, resource security, law enforcement, airbase defense.

What skill level must an SF member pissed before becoming a dog handler?


Who does the code of conduct apply to?

All SF members and military personnel.

What are your actions if you cannot contact your superior?

Exercise discretion and follow your training, best judgment and common sense.

As a SF member what are guidelines to exercising authority?

Proffesionally, firmily,and a manner that commands respect from the public.

What general conduct guideline would you violate if you consumed alcohol within 8hours?

Attention to duty.

What are examples of vehicle pursuit extreme situations?

Vehicle with extremely dangerous material, vehicle whose occupants are suspects in an accident.

What factors should you consider during a vehicle pursuit?

mission impact, local policy, danger to the public, danger to self and others SF, experience in training, weather and road conditions, time of duty,facilities in route

How long does it take to become acclimated to the heat and humidity in the AO?

3 to 5 days

Depending on the heat and your activity level how much water should you drink per hour?

Half to one forth quarts of water per hour.

Are the 2 types of cold injuries?

Freezing and non freezing

What is the safety distance a security forces member must maintain a while working around military working dogs?

10' safety distance.

Organization determines protective standards for dealing with blood borne pathogens?


What is a blood borne pathogen?

Micro organisms presented in the blood and cause disease

What protective measures should security forces focus on when dealing with HIV HBV and HCV?

Preventing exposures to blood and receive HBV vaccination.

What is the universal approach to infectious disease control?

Assume all blood and bodily fluids are infectious.

Why should you never reuse or wash gloves.

It can cause wicking. Allows water or fluid to travel through unwanted holes.

What are the guidelines if you suspect you have been exposed to a blood borne pathogen?

Immediately wash flush infected area. apply appropriate 1st aid go to medical.

What is the aim of resiliency training?

To create the most resilient defenders. to be able to thrive in a high tempo Operational environment.

How can resiliency and performance be enhanced?

Focus on physical social mental and spiritual fitness.

What are the consequences of long term sympathetic system activation?

High blood pressure, fatigue, digestive problems, sleep disorder, immune disorder, sexual dysfunction.

When faced with a stressful situation what are the 4 initial reactions?

Thoughts behavior physical reaction and emotions.

Who are our closest allies in strength resilience?

Team members

What is the meaning of military jurisdiction?

The authority capacity power and right of the military to police their own.

What are the 3 sources of military jurisdiction?

US constitution, federal statutes, International laws.

What source of military jurisdiction provides the president with the title commander in chief?

The US constitution.

Who is subject to the UCMJ?

Anybody affiliated with the military.

What does article 5 of the UCMJ state?

That and UCMJ applies no matter where you are.

Both state and federal government have authority to enforce the law on installations.


The US has the same rights as any property owner.


Federal government has sole authority to enforce laws.


When overseas where does a commander's right to exercise authority originate?

The US laws.

Define an occupied territory.

Any area not in the US or one of its possessions.

When declared what does martial law provide?

The relief and rehabilitation of the people reestablishment of economy protection of life and property.

What does the UCMJ provide all branches of the armed forces?

Unified consolidated common system of military Justice.

What is the federal tort law?

A body of rights obligations and remedies applied by courts in civil proceedings to provide relief for person who has suffered?

How are military working dogs used effectively in a unit?

In almost every aspect of units security/law enforcement.

What Air Force goal do drug detection dogs support?

Drug free environment.

What type of searches is appropriate for detection dogs?

Searching buildings vehicles baggage packages and aircraft.

Before releasing a military working dog inside a building what factors must the handler consider?

Danger to self and dog, type and size of building, time of day, indication of forced entry, the possibility of innocent people.

During security operations what is the military working dogs primary mission?

Deter detect and detain intruders in areas surrounding Air Force resources.

What is the greatest advantage of military working dog teams?

Superior ability to detect individuals.

How do we make military working dogs more visible to the public?

By holding demonstrations.

Who provide specific guidance on using military working dogs to conduct searches on base?

The staff judge advocate.

What is an interview?

Questioning person who has information of official interests to the interviewer.

What are the specific reasons we interview?

Verify or corroborate previous learned info.

What are the reasons for an interviewee to be reluctant to talk to investigators?

Fear of involvement inconvenience or resentment.

What is the 1st step in planning for an interview?

Terminating the time and place to conduct the interview.

The alternating approach to interviewing?

Combination of direct and indirect approach.

What process should the investigator follow if the interviewee becomes emotionally distraught or stunned following an interview?

Don't let them leave alone. Only release to 1st sergeant or commander, supervisor or designee.

The most common types of interviews security forces will accomplish on a day-to-day basis?

Canvas and field interviews.

What is the primary rule in testifying in court?

Tell the truth

What actions should you take prior to testifying in court?

Review the case file

How should you present your testimony?

Loud and clearly.

What is SMARTnet?

Security management and automatic resource tracking network.

What is the purpose behind smartnet?

To consolidate programs maximize efficiency reduce resource allocation.

What does the acronym e-TTPG stand for and how is it used?

Electronic tactics techniques and procedures guides used to train security forces personnel.

Who in your unit will use e-TTPG to train security forces personnel?

The s-3 training section. And supervisors.

What is the DBIDS?

An access control system designed to enhance force protection.

To use the DBIDS handheld device correctly what is the best way to hold the device?

Hold the device with the non firing hand and aim laser down.

What are your actions if the DBIDS information does not match the person presenting the card?

Deny entry detain and contact BDOC.

What is the primary reason the SFMIS was developed?

To meet congressionally mandated reporting system.

What are the combat arms capabilities in SFMIS?

Training request, class assignment, weapons course, Air Force form 522, weapons training data, supply account.

Who must ensure trained personnel use SFMIS to me installation needs?

Installation defense force commander.

What is the NCIC?

Any electric clearinghouse of crime data providing to every criminal Justice agency nationwide.

What is the objective of the security forces training program?

Build aggressive, lethal, maneuverable, air minded,capability based, combat focused defenders.

What is the methodology of security forces training program?

Evaluate train evaluate.

Who plays a key role in your success and the success of the mission.

My supervisor.

What is the purpose of SMC training?

Standardizes basic individual and team fire arms tactical skills necessary to engage hostile threats.

What does the DPE measure?

You're ability to perform the duties required for a specific duty position.

What is the purpose of flight level exercises?

To maintain a high degree of unit readiness.

What are all personnel briefed on before conducting any exercise?

On weapon and ground safety follow all traffic rules.

How often should local exercises be conducted?

At least once a year.

What 2 forms are used when issuing weapons?

Form 629 and 1297

What do BDOC controllers used to keep priority of responses in mind?

By using a local resource priority list.

Who can determine the need for additional duress alarms on your insulation?

Installation defense counsel.

Who review staffing requirements for a level one confinement facility at least annually?

The defense force commander.

What's the minimum rank/skill level required for confinement personnel?

E-4 and a 5-level

What type of confinee's are housed in level 3 confinement facilities?

Post - trial, life and death sentences