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What was the primary duty of the "sergeants" serving in King Gustavus I Army?
To maintain discipling for the troops.
At what point in American military historydid the NCO achieve command level status?
After the Revolutionary war, when the army was created.
What were the roles of the NCO prior to WWII?
NCO's served as an interface between the enlisted corps and the officers. They were hightly experienced and maintained tight discipline.
What impact did the rapid expansion of the military services during WWII have on the status of the NCO?
As competency and experience levels declined, so did the associated responsibilities. The entire NCO corps experienced a general erosion of its long-standing prestige and authority.
What event was the first attempt to restore dignity and prestige to the NCO corps following WWII?
The air force restricted its noncommissioned officer status to the top three grades. It also revised the nomenclature of its lower grades.
Why were the pay grades of E-8 and E-9 created?
To provide better delineation of responsibilities in the enlisted structure. It also provided the necessary monetary recognition for the jobs being performed by those who held the grades.
What was the signifigance of the chevron in the late 1700's?
French soldiers started wearing cloth chevrons with the points up on the sleeve in 1777 as lenth of service and good conduct badges. George Washington implemented this in 1782 as a way to see who had served the longest.
Why was the design of the Air Force enlisted grade insignia changed in 1975 and in 1994?
In 1975 the silver gray star on the insignia came to represent NCO status and was worn by E-4 sergeants and above. In 1994 E-4 sergeant was removed and all airmans grade insignia returned to a white star in a blue circle. Master sergeant insignia moved a chevron from the bottom to the top to furhter distinguish the "top three" enlisted ranks.
What are the responsibilities of the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force?
The CMSAF is a representative of the airman force when and where this is appropriate and will serve as a sounding board for ideas and proposals affecting airman matters. He or She will advise and assist the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Air Force in matters concerning enlisted members of the Air Force.
Why was the position of Command Chief Master Sergeant(formerly Senior Enlisted Advisor) created?
The CCM duties include ensuring that enlisted members know the commander's policies, advising the commander on problems concerning moral of the enlisted force, and evaluate the quality of NCO leadership, management, and supervisory training. The CCM also monitors compliance with Air Force standards, serves on advisory councils, and maintains a close relationship with the local community.
What are the general areas of responsibility of a first sergeant?
promoting health morale and welfare; maintaining discipline and standards; preparing and presenting squadron training; supervising care of squadron dorms; and monitoring unit administration.
What did Corporal Vernon L. Burge make to Air Force enlisted history?
First enlisted pilot in aviation history.
What did Corporal Frank S. Scott make to Air Force enlisted History?
First enlisted man to lose his life in an air accident
What did Private Frederick Libby make to Air Force enlisted History?
First enlisted ace with 24 kills
What did Corporal Eugene Bullard make to Air Force enlisted history?
First black pilot and fighter pilot
What significant contribution to air force history did Esther M. Blake make?
First woman in the Air Force
What significant contribution to air force history did A1C John Levitow make?
First Air force enlisted member to win congressional medal of honor in air force. Also lowest ranking person to ever achieve the award.
What significant contribution to air force history did CMSgt Grace Peterson?
First woman to be promoted to highest NCO rank.
What significant contribution to air force history did CMSgt Thomas Barnes make?
First black man to be appointed to CMSgt
Describe the acomplishments of the Tuskegee airman.
The countries first black fighter squadron. Neve lost a bomber during escort during WWII.
Define tradition
The handing down of information, beliefs and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instructions.
Describe how military traditions enhance professionalism and discipline.
They build esprit de corps and help develop discipline.
Describe the professional airman.
The professional airman is one who is not only experienced and proficient in thier specialty but also knows and practices the profession of arms.
Why is tradition important in today's Air Force?
Tradition helps build esprit de corps and discipline.
What is the difference between customs and courtesies?
Customs are a result of the need for order and discipline and have been established by frequent usage of a long time. Courtesies are marks of respect, etiquette, or courteous behavior shown to persons or symbols.
What is the significance of salutes?
The salute is a greeting and symbol of mutual respct amond comrades in the honorable profession or arms.
Why is it important to use proper terms of address?
because it is not only a custom of the service, but also a courteous way to address people.
What is the relationship between the privilege of rank(RHIP) and responsibility?
privileges are often a form of partial compensation for the additional responsibility of rank.
Explain the benefits of practicing customs and courtesies.
The primary benefit of customs and courtesies is self-discipline and pride.
Explain how drill enhances teamwork.
It reinforces the need for cooperation and precision on a day to day basis. Everyone must work together to accomplish the mission.
Why should we continue to practice drill and ceremonies?
Learning how to march in formation, follow orders promptly and accurately, and depend on others results in the entire flight working together as a whole.
What is the difference between Dining In and a Dining Out?
A dining in is the same ceremony as a dining out with the exeption that the dining out allows non military guest to be invited.
What role do ceremonies play in the armed forces?
ceremonies are special formal gourp activities conducted by the armed forces to honor distinguished persons or to observe national holidays.
Why is it important to formally recognize individuals for mertorious service, outstanding achievement, or heroism?
Formal recognition of our peers and subordinates shows that we appreciate their hard work and dedication and lend support for continued exceptional service or acheivement.
How does participating in flag ceremonies help develop esprit de corps?
through these ceremonies both military and civilian citizens share a common goal-to preserve all the freedoms that Americans possess today.
What is the proper behavior when you are indoors and the National Anthem or To the Colors is played?
Face the flag or the music if flag isnt present. salute if under profession of arms. place hand over heart if in civilian clothes.
What did the flag code of 1942 do?
In an effort to enusre our flag would always be displayed in a dignified manner, Congress passed the flag code in 1942. The flag code specified how and when the US flag would be displayed.
What does the US flag represent?
The ceremonies that honor the flag recognize the very fiber of American existence.
What are two reasons for the advent of uniforms?
Uniforms helped distinguish friend from foe, and to clothe the troops as cheaply as possible.
From where did the present Air Force uniform evolve?
From that worn by the Army Air Corps in the 1940's
What are the three general purposes of dress and personal appearance standards?
Ensure conformity, establish standardization, and develop pride.
Who is considered the founder of the American military uniform regulations?
Frederich Von Steuben
How can you balance your responsibility to maintain an acceptable military image with your individuality?
By having thorough understanding of the impact your dress and appearance have on public opinion.
What is the Air Force philosophy of military uniforms?
The uniform will be plain without excessive ornamentation to present a professional appearance and to keep uniform maintenance easy and inexpensive.
What are the four general standards that aply to all uniforms?
Uniforms must be clean, neat, safe, and present a military image.
How do the standards for wear of the flight cap differ between men and women?
Hair my protrude in front of the flight cap for women only.
What precautions should you take when you purchase ribbons and mounting devices?
Make sure ribbons and mounting device meet specified size and military standards, and ribbons do not have a visible, protective coating applied.
What kinds of jewelry are authorized for wear with the uniform?
Air Force members in uniform may wear no more than three rings, a watch and a conservative bracelet. Necklaces may be worn but they may not be exposed at the neckline.
Describe the proper length of womens service uniform skirt.
The skirt length is between the top and the bottom of the knee cap.
when is it appropriate to wear the battle dress unifrom off base?
You may wear BDU's off base for short convenient stops at shopping malls or local food service establishment. You may not wear BDU's in establishments that have a primary function to sell and serve alchohal or wear people would normally wear business attire.
describe the men's grooming standards for hair.
Men must wear their hair in a tapered appearance on both sides and back both with and without headgear. The bulk thickness of hair must not exceed 11/4 inches in bulk.
describe the womens grooming standard for hair.
Womens hair must present a professional appearance. It must not exceed three inches in bulk or prevent proper wear of headgear.
What are the three areas related of public opinion that can be impacted by our dress and appearance?
Public confidence in the military; percieved effectiveness of the military; and public pride in the military.
What is the relationship between wearing the uniform properly and the publics perception of our competence?
The public will assess our competence based on our appearance.
Explain how your dress and your personal appearance effect your leadership abilities.
if we meet standards and maintain a professional image, it is assumed that we can do other tasks.
How does relaxation of dress and personal appearance standards impact the moral in an organization?
Although appearance and conduct are not directly related to performing a task, we make assumptions about a persons competence based on their appearance.
What is the result of a leader providing a positive influence for followers?
Your effectiveness will be greatly enhanced by maintaining and exceeding the standards.
What types of decisions may be made by civilian personnel based on perceptions?
relaxation of the enforcement of standards, makes it difficult to take pride in the unit.
What is the result of a leader providing a positive influence for followers.
By providing the positive influence it is easier for the leader to train subordinates on both the standards of dress and appearance.
What types of decisions may be made by military personnel based on perceptions?
Military members pass judgement on our professionalism and self discipline based on our apperance.
What types of decisions may be made by civilian personnel based on perceptions?
Civilians form opinions about the us defense posture from their perceptions.
Define wellness.
Wellness is enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, and spirit in all areas of life.
how does our wellness contribute to the Air Force mission?
We must have people in the right place at the right time, and those people must be physically fit and mentally alert.
How does our lifestyle impact our level of wellness?
The habits you practice which lead to a high level of wellness contribute to your wellness lifestyle.
What seven habits should you practive for a healthier lifestyle/
Not smoking, excercising regularly, sleeping 7 to 8 hours regularl, maintaining ideal weight, eating breakfast, drinking little or no alchohol, and not eating between meal snacks.
What three factors of self responsibility will help you stay with your wellness program?
Structure, motivation, and discipline.
Define physical fitness.
the ability to carry out daily taks with vigor and alrtness without undue fatigue and with ample energy to engage in leisure time pursuits and to meet the above average physical stress encountered in emergency situations.
What are the four phases of a fitness training program ?
Warm up, aerobic, cool-down, and light weight training.
What is the purpose of aerobic excercise?
beneficial changes occur in the heart, lungs, vascular system,and other tissues of the body.
what is the purpose of the cool down phase?
A cool down phase allows the heart rate to gradually slow down, body temperature to regulate and waste products in muscle tissue to be removed.
what are the four principles that affect physical conditioning?
overload, progression, regularity, and specificity.
how does dehydration affect your excercise?
If you allow yourself to become even slightly dehydrated, the amount of blood in your circulotory system decreases.
What is cardio-respiratory endurance?
the ability of your heart and lungs to deliver oxygen to working muscles.
How might exercise benefit the cardiovascular system?
physical activity is a prudent means of enhancing health and preventing coronary artery disease.
What are the six major categories of nutrients?
carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.
Why should we limit saturated fats in our diet?
diets high in saturated fats have been shown to increase blood cholesterol and the risk or heart attack.
Why do we not need to include cholesterol in our diet?
Your body naturally produces all it needs.
What is the best way to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs?
well chosen foods and a balanced diet.