Cssna Aircraft Case Study

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The case study considered in this research is from one of the leading aircraft industries in Bangalore, India. The company manufactures light and micro light aircrafts. More than 60 of the aircrafts are given to NCC for abinitio training and 15 others for various civil agencies.


Supplier or customer Shared Process box Inverntory WIP Stagnation Dedicated Maintenance Box Electronic Information Flow

First In First Out Lane

Physical Flow Rework Loopo

Inventory Point Information Box Time Box Work Station with Time

Maintenance time & Value added time

It has many series of Cessna aircrafts for charter flight operations.
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First Air Test
15. Snag rectification if any Required rectification tools and testers
16. Final Air Test
17. Documentation & Handing over to Customer
VI. Accomplishment and Results

In order to implement lean principles a task group was formed with technicians from different servicing bays. All of them have a wide knowledge and information pertaining to each component, its servicing procedure and effective planning. The objective of the operation was to reduce the level of non-value activities present in any form by implementing the various tools available in the lean tool kit. Thus, it was decided to first construct the value map in order to visualize the non-value-added activities.

A. Creating the present state value stream map
To create the present state value stream map, relevant informations are collected by interviewing aircraft technicians on the shop floor. Table 2 summarizes the overall activities associated with the maintenance servicing of an aircraft. Data applicable to the servicing of aircraft, such as components removal, component servicing, functional check, clearing aircraft for air test, and delivering to customer are noted down. Information related to the component stripping time, assembling time for each component, inventory storage points, inspections, rework loops, set-up time for servicing, number of workers, and operational hours per day, are also collected, and documented properly. To complete the value map, a time line is added at the
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While addressing the problem at maintenance organisation, the total servicing time of aircraft for the existing conditions was first calculated. The various functions associated with servicing time are identified separately and different practical strategies are adopted for improvement. In general, the various functions associated with the servicing time of any maintenance process are illustrated in Fig. 3. Further, the strategies that are adopted to reduce servicing time are demonstrated in Fig. 4. The following sub-sections illustrate the strategies that are implemented to reduce the servicing

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