Essay on Working as a Physiotherapist in the UK

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Working in the United States is already exciting, there are plenty of states and specialties to choose from. While my husband and I plan to travel around the US, we also plan to travel to the United Kingdom since he holds a British passport and his entire family resides there (not to mention the beautiful countryside). I have decided to research in advance how to transfer my education so I am able to work as a physiotherapist in the UK. To be a qualified physiotherapist, the applicant must apply to the Health Professions Council (HPC). The HPC has required standards of proficiency which is used to evaluate the candidate. The education must be similar and not lacking that of a BSc of Physiotherapy in the United Kingdom. And though not …show more content…
The applicant may reapply at any time (but will have to send in the entire application and application fee). The HPC outlines their criteria of practicing physiotherapists in “Standards of Proficiency, Physiotherapists.” I have not found a document stating that physiotherapists can practice without referrals. A general complaint of the National Health Service (NHS) is the amount of time it takes to be seen by any health care professional. In my own experience, my husband was allotted 4 sessions of rehab after he broke his wrist. But within their Standards of Proficiency, just as in the United States, physiotherapists need to have the knowledge of when to refer a patient. Physiotherapists must be specifically able to “be able to use mobilisation, respiratory physiotherapy, neurotherapeutic handling and massage techniques.” A United Kingdom education is different to the US education. The majority of the students receive a bachelor’s degree. It is possible to earn an entry level masters degree, but that is only available to students who have previously earned a different bachelor’s degree. Physiotherapy is a very competitive program. Traditional students will be applying during their final year at school (high

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