Why I Wish to Be Admitted to an Internal Medicine Residency Essay

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The Dean of my medical school opened his welcome speech with the words “If the answer to the question: why you wish to become a doctor is to make money or to have an easy life then you probably need to look for a new profession” At that very moment I realized the decision to become a doctor includes a sense of calling! Recollecting my previous experiences, I can say that entering the field of medicine was a gradual process for me. My birthplace is Mombasa, Kenya where I studied till grade seven, after which I shifted to India. Once I witnessed a riot ‘fujo’ as it is called in Swahili in Kenya. I recall lying awake in my bed feeling scared and helpless for those who were wounded and thinking about ways I could have helped them. Doctor was …show more content…
I took a detailed history and found that she also had symptoms of cold intolerance, lethargy, and hair fall, which previously she had not felt worthy of mentioning. It immediately struck me to inquire about her thyroid status; and as expected, she turned out to be a hypothyroid patient who was non-compliant to medication. Thereafter, I educated her about the importance of regular check-ups. I reached an accurate differential diagnosis by logically correlating clinical findings with pathophysiological processes. In the due course of time, I found out that each time she followed up, she would mention to my co-interns how happy she was that I took her simple complaint like constipation seriously. Her positive feedback instantly gratified me as a doctor.

During one of my calls there was a tragic bus collision and our ward was immediately flooded with patients. Our internal medicine team worked closely with the surgical and specialist teams to stabilize this situation. I truly felt at home in the ward, playing my part efficiently and taking up leadership when necessary in order to provide the best patient care possible within limited resources. During another call, I was in charge of updating the status for a few patients. One amongst which suffered an unfortunate death suffering from dengue fever. My seniors gave me the responsibility to break the news to the family. Since I had met the family before, I knew their background, their culture. I remember

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