What´s Academic Writing? Essay

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Academic writing is a critical part of your success as a college student, many professors require the kind of components that are included within academic writing. A rhetorical situation can be the sole factor that determines the key components within any piece of writing. It is also a way to show differences in pieces in academic writing, A rhetorical situation requires many elements this includes a properly composed thesis, ample research sources, carefully crafted citations and thorough checks for plagiarism through application, summarization and paraphrasing. Learning how to write academically shows that you know more than just the information you researched it’s a in depth analysis of the topic. Some people don’t learn how to write …show more content…
A stimulative definition is defining the meaning of the topic in your own words, they are usually not in a dictionary and is essential to the point the writer is trying to make. Academic writing is defined as an advanced precise semiformal form of writing that is impersonal and objective. It will demonstrate that a writer has knowledge and discipline on the topic they are writing about. Showing evidence to support their claim and accurately documenting sources, using language that is neutral and semiformal (Jones). Learning the following parts of academic writing outlines the elements that are required in this kind of writing. A thesis statement is defined as a short statement, usually one sentence, that summarizes the main point or claim of an essay, research paper. It is developed, supported, and explained in the text by means of examples and evidence (thesis). A thesis statement is the main claim you about the argument you are making, it can be similar to a hypothesis in a scientific setting (IParadigms). It is what the writer is trying to prove or persuade your audience to believe or do. It is helpful to develop as a guide to your composition process. It should be precise, it is often one sentence but can exceed more if necessary. The reader should know exactly the information that is in the paper and what it will address from the statement.(IParadigms) A thesis

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