Essay on Wake Up to Recycling

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, Americans have started to become more aware of the waste they produce and the damage they are doing to Earth. People everywhere are making a conscious effort to reduce their waste and, more importantly, recycle. But still it may not be enough, because with every new idea you can find a skeptic. So to protect our planet and ensure its health, the United States needs to instill laws that make recycling mandatory, because the steps they have taken thus far are not enough. Many Americans do not take recycling seriously because they are not well informed and do not consider it a pressing matter. But recycling has numerous benefits as opposed to not recycling, which means letting our limited resources …show more content…
It is conflicting regulations like these that make Americans think twice about recycling. With a nationwide law set in place, current recycling programs will be improved. Most people would do anything to live their lives to the fullest and protect their family and friends. Well there are many natural resources on Earth that humans cannot live without and they are depleting. So if protecting our natural resources means protecting individuals and loved ones, then recycling should be a priority for America. Trees, for example, are being cut down at a rate of “100 acres per minute,” (“More Recycling”) but trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Easy steps, like recycling paper, and replanting trees, can be taken, America just has to try. Other easily recycled resources include natural foods, such as vegetables, fruits and animal byproducts, which can be turned into compost and used for growing more food. A mandatory law will give them the initiative they need. South College of Florida student, Jamie Stinson believes “every American would want to recycle if they knew it was necessary for our survival and future generations.” When Americans are searching for a place to settle down, the most important aspect of their choice is its location. Most want it to be in a good neighborhood and away from problem areas like sewer plants or landfills. But what if living away from a landfill was no longer an option? That

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