Voices By Dacia Maraini - Book Essay

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Repeated images of Angela Bari living an imprisoned life in Voices by Dacia Maraini play an important role in book. The internal and external forces surrounding Angela Bari lead her to a life of confinement and domination. If Angela Bari had broken away from her confinement she may have prevented her untimely death by exposing the ill ways of her stepfather, Glauco Elia. Angela's secretiveness, self-doubt, and compliance with others lead her to victimization.
It is not until her unfortunate murder that Angela's imprisonment gets unraveled. Her distorted emotions are revealed as this relatively unknown young woman's death is investigated. Journalists trample inside Ms. Bari's life without any regards to her in an attempt to solve this
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Though Glauco Elia may have been Angela's 'torturer'; (219) she loved him because growing up, captivity is all that she knew.
Augusta Elia, Angela's mother is a second piece in the minefield composing Angela's life. The key to this component lies in Ludovica, Angela's sister's question, 'why daughters so often repeat detail for detail the story of their mother'; (157). Angela's mom also lived in a prison. For example, when she has an onset of eczema or headaches she barricades herself in the house with the blinds down. Ludovica even suggests that she 'find herself another husband instead of shutting herself up in a room to suffer'; (29). The mother also gives off different vibes at different times similar to her daughter. When Michela interviews Angela's mother she feels that she is cold over the phone and then friendly in person (88). Even the taxi driver who drops Michela off for the interview exclaims, 'This looks like a prison!'; (87) Furthermore, the mom does not even care if they find Angela's murderer (89) suggesting an isolation from her daughter.
Ludovcica, Angela's sister is also seen 'shutting herself off'; at times (156). The two sisters grow up together and face the same problems including an abusive father and mother who was 'blind and deaf'; (214) to their problems. Ludovica gets confused between what happens to her and what happens to Angela (211) so the problems of the two sisters essentially are infused within

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