Video games and Adolescent Delinquency Essay

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Fast paced video games are correlated with positive development. This is a research paper (obviously) of why video games don't cause violence among teens. Even though video games can be very violent and sexual, they have shown to not cause juvenile delinquency because people who play video games tend to be more relaxed and think logically, many studies have proven this. Also over protecting teens can have a negative effect. Video games could cause troubled teens to outrage but most teens are normal and some troubled teens don't have violent tendencies. Troubled teens need help and supervision. For many troubled teens violent, sexual video games won't cause violent acts, other things will, and video games may possibly be a way of …show more content…
Fast paced video games require quick actions, thinking things through, and learning from mistakes. Strategy games require a lot concentration, thinking things through thoroughly, intelligence, and mental ability to learn from mistakes. Effectively asking what if helps us later in life by helping us handle our possibilities and choosing what we think is best for us. All these things force us to learn to have fun. On the other hand, I think games like Grand Theft Auto can go too far in many ways. It is very sexual, it shows and encourages gruesome acts of violence that Halo and many other violent video games don't. Personally, I think theoretical games are much more fun than real world games.
Also, their is many risks of over protecting your child. Being overprotective of children can hurt them academically, socially, and mentally. Academically they can be hurt because they won't ask for help. If they don't understand something or are having trouble with it they can't improve on it if they don't ask questions about what they don't understand. Confident children will not hesitate to ask question. Socially they can be hurt because with lack of social activity can cause erratic behavior, depression, and greatly affect job opportunities. If you don't know how to act socially acceptable it can be very hard and feel horrible. They might act erratically or curl up

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