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Using Technology Supported Learning The selected topic chosen for the technology supported learning package, supports the learning and teaching of healthy eating. I decided to create an interactive self-assessed food groups package that blends into a lesson on healthy eating. Healthy eating feeds into a lot of the courses I teach; food and nutrition, childcare, personal development and food safety and I wanted to find a different way of making the lesson interesting and informative for my

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During the induction session, it has also been identified that many of the group have negative feelings about education and their poor achievements at school. Their confidence and self-esteem is very low and they were very nervous about attending a formal course that is fully accredited. However, four of the seven learners have already completed a formal NOCN (National Open College Network) qualification last term and they are progressing to the next level. From the information gained on the enrolment forms, no student has specified learning needs although two students have informed me that they struggle with speaking out in group activities; extra support and care will be needed to encourage these students to engage in all activities.
The students will be required to complete a 20/30 minute interactive computer based food groups' package that will build upon the students' prior learning knowledge around healthy eating. It allows the students to complete a self-directed lesson on the five main food groups, finishing with a self-assessment true/false quiz around their prior knowledge of healthy eating and the information gained completing the package. Once they have completed the food groups' package, the students are required to reinforce their knowledge gained around food groups by completing a paper based activity. The different types of assessments allow all the students learning
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