Trends in Nursing Informatics: Mobile Devices Essay

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For years healthcare delivery has been limited to health provider areas such as hospitals, doctors offices, clinics and other facilities offering care. The introduction of mobile technologies in the healthcare field has changed the way health care is practiced and plays a key role in its future. Concerns remain at the forefront of discussions regarding patient privacy and transmission of proprietary data. The introduction of the personal digital assistant and smart phone will revolutionize care in the coming years.

Mobile Technologies

When you hear the term wireless you might think of a laptop. Wireless is the technology of sending information over the air. Many devices now have this technology, from laptops to
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Just like PDA’s, smartphones have many capabilities in which we are able to exchange information and share files or data. Software is being implemented and designed with nursing and medicine in mind. There are several reference programs available for purchase and download. Many nurses and doctors would like to see this idea of wireless information come to life, however this could not be done without a platform.

Mobile Platforms

When discussing mobile platforms we are in fact discussing the “operating system” of the device utilized to run the application. Right now there are currently four major players in the mobile operating system environment. Palm, Windows mobile, blackberry, and iPhone. Each platform has specific traits and functionality. “As mobile devices and applications have become more user-friendly, affordable and powerful, the appeal to businesses of all types, including healthcare providers, has grown exponentially,” said Tim Herbert, vice president, research, compTIA

Mobile Device Applications

There are many companies working on developing handheld application solutions for new healthcare environments. For example, Novarus healthcare is creating a patient centered conductivity application to fuel the high demands for mobile technology. On the Novarus website products page, they discuss hospital and health system applications as well as tablet tools and patient centered information. They both

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