Arapahoe School Of Nursing Case Study

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they can change the future and “Move Mountains”, Arapahoe Community College, (2015). The institution states that by involving everyone through shared governance they can all grow together and achieve many more goals together than they could alone. The institution advertises the ACC’s value statements being: “ lifelong learning, integrity, community, and inclusion,” Arapahoe Community College(2015, ask ACC para 3). Arapahoe Community College commits to prepare students to be successful in life, Arapahoe Community College, (2015).
Arapahoe Community College: Nursing Program
The mission of the nursing program is to educate the student to become a nurse that is equipped to handle the diverse population. The future nurse will exemplify empathy,
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This is another competency that has been left out of the philosophy statement from Arapahoe Community College nursing school. Quality improvement is where the nurse will use data to monitor changes and results of the patient and use current information methods to design changes in the healthcare of the patient to constantly provide the most improved, quality, and safety of the patient, QSEN(2014). The only thing that the Arapahoe school of nursing mentions in regards to this competency is under its philosophy of nursing role development it states that the nurse will be “life long learners and dedicated to continuing their education”, Arapahoe school of nursing(2015, para 6). This could provide some idea of quality improvement in that the nurse will continue his or her education to provide new, up to date care, however it doesn’t cover all the aspects of the QSEN competency of quality improvement. Quality improvement must be in a philosophy statement because it is the initiative that is driving dramatic changes in healthcare. The goals of quality improvement aim at providing” better care, healthy people/healthy communities, and affordable care”, Weston,R. (2013, …show more content…
According to Iwasiw(2015), the mission statement defines to the community as well as the people involved in the institution what the purpose of the institution is. I believe that the values the school of nursing is what makes them unique. The Arapahoe school of nursing is unique in that it incorporates most of the QSEN competencies besides evidence-based practice and quality improvement. The school of nursing promotes a genuine, caring nurse that will provide therapeutic communication; a nurse who can make decisions based on knowledge and clinical reasoning in the scope of difficult situations; a nurse that will practice holistic care and be sensitive to the spiritual and cultural aspect of a client while demonstrating cultural competence; a nurse who will strive to develop and grow in their ability to provide care as well as work in a dynamic environment as part of a health care team; a nurse that will demonstrate safe, quality care and exemplify ethical decision making; and a nurse that will utilize the technological resources provided to enhance the outcomes of patient care, Arapahoe school of nursing(2015). Just as described, the Arapahoe school of nursing displays “its uniqueness and its scope of activities in the mission statement”,

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