The Psychological Effects of Abortions Among Teens Essay examples

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Many young, teen girls experience the harmful psychological effects of having an abortion. Though many people are against abortions, it is still being done. Teen’s attitudes and demeanor about themselves change drastically once they have had an abortion. The abortion has several side effects that a teen may or may not know how to cope with it. These girls experience a sense of withdraw, quilt and self destruction.
In the past two years many law-makers and statesmen have opposed abortion. Many states have set requirements for clinics and other facilities out of reach for continued services. The need for abortion in America remains an option for many teens. Counseling services should be provided in an attempt to decrease the psychological
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Guilt is one of the emotions that teens struggle with following an abortion. Many teens feel guilty for different reasons: just killed their unborn child and never had a chance to see its face (Parham, March 2014), feel guilty for hurting the child’s father because of the abortion, and they may feel guilty for not taking a stance against their parents about the decision of the abortion. For some teens, once they realize that they have consented to the killing of their unborn child, the thought becomes overwhelming.
Teens Often Feel Withdrawn
In relation to feeling guilty, teens often start to withdraw and distance themselves from their families, friends, and even authority figures. Some teens may only want to be around the people and friends that make them happy, and those that do not think negative of them because

THE PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF ABORTION AMONST TEENS 4 of their decision. Being around their mothers or authority figures usually brings the painful memory of the abortion back into the thoughts of teens. Teens try to focus their attention elsewhere and try to suppress the whole abortion process. Studies have shown that the major factors in pregnancy decision making among teens are the attitude of the teen’s parents, the baby’s father, and her peers; the personality of the teen herself; and

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