The Problem of Video Game Violence is Exaggerated Essay

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There is an ongoing debate about whether video games are corrupting our society and our children. Video games are not corrupting our society and this can be proven by analyzing the facts. People claim that video games contain obscene content, cause mental and physical health problems, and lead to violence.
The first reason video games are an issue is that many video games made today possess content that many people would consider to be obscene. The term obscene covers violence, profanity, and sexual images (obviously). Such videogames are usually branded with the M (mature audiences only) rating on the front of the videogame cover. This means that only players seventeen or older should be playing such games. However, many children around
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One example is my friend Bill. Bill has been playing video games ever since he was ten years old, and he used to play these games by sitting roughly three inches away from the television screen. He also used to play videogames for maybe six to seven hours a day. Since he played videogames in this manner, he developed a severe astigmatism in both of his eyes. He now has to wear the thickest glasses I have ever seen just so he can walk around without bumping into everything. Another example is a Mr. Dan Hammans, who is mentioned in Paul Keegan's essay. Hammans is an avid player of the Quake games, and he told Keegan how one day he'd “been walking around in a grocery store and swore [he] heard grenades bouncing around” (4-7). Since Hammans has been playing the Quake games for so long now, he's starting to hear things that aren't really there.
There has also been the argument that videogames, especially violent ones, have caused people to become more aggressive in society. Whether or not this statement is actually true is debatable. In the essay “Introduction to Video Games: At Issue,” it is mentioned that a variety of studies show that people who play violent video games become much more aggressive when dealing with other people (Espejo 2). On the other hand, Derek Scott mentions in his essay how a variety of studies have proven that some

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