The Irish Republican Army Essay

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From the time of their creation in 1919, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) has always been a fighting force behind the independence from Britain for all of Ireland. The IRA was an organization that was meant to help Ireland in their fight for independence and be the military support going into the future. Nevertheless, did the creation of the IRA really help Ireland in the end, or did it cause more problems than the Irish already had? Although the IRA was created to help aid Ireland in the fight for independence, their brutal tactics and their inability to compromise ultimately led to destruction and problems rather than peace for Ireland.
Early on in the Irish kingdom, it was clear that Great Britain wanted to own Ireland. Starting back
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Without aid from the British, millions of people were forced to immigrate to place like the United States. Those who chose not to leave were forced with starvation, which ultimately claimed millions of lives. Leaving the Irish population seriously depleted. Lack of British help in the famine gave rise to nationalism and a hatred for the British. Small bands of nationalist organizations began to form all around Ireland. Some of the people in these groups decided that enough was enough. To them something had to be done. During Easter Week in 1916, a group of Irish Republicans from several organizations joined to start a revolt against British Rule. Nationalists in this uprising were tired of the problems that were occurring in Ireland. Between the famine and lack of implementation of Home Rule, enough was enough for several organizations. The revolt took place in the city of Dublin. The standoff was only 5 days long, but caused quite a stir. In this short uprising, five hundred were killed, and two thousand five hundred people were wounded. The group of Irish Republicans was punished for the rebellion harshly. Many were put into jail and several of the leaders were executed. This only made the British less appealing to the people of Ireland. Even though the rebellion was not popular, the execution of the leaders was also not very popular. When the Easter Rising happened in 1916, the Irish Republican Army was known as the Irish

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