The Importance of Using Creative Methods of Teaching in Elementary School

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Thinking like a child seems harder to do, as we grow older. We lose touch with our inner imagination, and begin to think in a robot fashion. All of our creativity, originality, and imagination are concealed behind our new adult philosophy of doing daily routines, and fitting in with others. But why do we try so hard to fit in with everybody else? Weren’t we taught in elementary school that being different is OK? What has happened to us? When did things become so black and white in our world? Perhaps it is that parts of our minds are trained by secondary, and college professors to become uniform thinkers, or maybe it happens inside ourselves as we grow. Maybe it is because we do not want to put our most vulnerable talents out for everyone …show more content…
If we do not encourage students of any age to use their creativity then, we are taking away something beautiful from the world. In the book “Integrating the Arts Across the Elementary School Curriculum” (Gelineau) it was very important to use creative and new ideas. Without the use of creativity in classrooms we will lack creative abilities when we get older and work. Many jobs such as marketing, advertising, and teaching just to name a few use creativity to draw in students, and clients in working together and finding new and original ideas. The big question is then what benefits does creativity have when used in a classroom? According to the text using creativity in the classroom can enhance certain skills such as cooperation skills, visual/auditory skills, self-discipline skills, reducing stress, and developing a sense of self. “Tomorrow’s scientists and engineers need grounding in the arts to stimulate their curiosity and creativity- to help them perceive the world in new and different ways . . . In the final analysis, though the best reason for bringing the arts and sciences together might be to make learning more fun in the process,” says AT&T executive Morris Tannenbaum. Mr. Tannenbaum also stated “art and science are of a piece; the methods differ but the game is the same.” (Gelineau) Many benefits can come of using arts in

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