The Impact of Social Media on Children and Adolescents Essay example

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Since the time we have adopted internet and other media into our daily lives, there are so many debates and commentaries on the impacts of these new media on the social relations and activities of the young generations. There have been countless controversies whether the advancement in technology is proving to be a boon or bane for the society, especially for the young generations. In the past, the rapid growth of Television has also aroused so many questions, as well as discussions relating to the social and cultural effects. After a long research, different viewpoints of people from different parts of the world were collected out of which some were against the advancement of technologies and some were supporting the fact
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Also, some statistics also describes different people has different groups of friends people has on these websites. These stats will conclude how the social network websites has influenced the lives of the people.

In scientific terms, Technology can be defined as the usage, invention or finding a new solutions to a problem which can make a contribution in the daily lives of common people. From the sparks of fires with rubbing stones to the latest Mobile Phones, technology has gone so far that we can’t even imagine. Inventions are occurring very rapidly and new technologies are taking over the old ones regularly, remodelling the problem solving ability of the society. It will not be wrong to anticipate that in the coming years, mobiles, wearable and computing devices will all be secured together in the Internet of Things, which will further allow people to share or store information on cloud based systems(Anderson and Rainie 2014).
In the academics, technology has arrived to a point where it is conventional, by both the students and the parents. During the past five years, the trend towards technology enhanced classes has ascended instantaneously. Nowadays, most Colleges and Universities use Technology from high tech computer laboratories to free wireless LAN services available to each and every student in the premises; it has

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