The External Technological Threats to Google Essay example

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External Factors Evaluation (EFE)
Developing Competition of Various Search Engines
There are external environmental factors that include political, macroeconomic, international, technological, and legal that can threaten Google’s business. In this executive summary, the technology and political threats will be the focus of concern that bring challenges for Google. In today’s market, the technology field is the most volatile and disruptive. Therefore, sustainable competitive advantages are not assured (MarketLine, 2013). The three key threats that can affect Google today are: 1. Developing competition of various search engines, 2. Intense competition of competitors’ mobile operating system, 3. Increasing allegations of Google’s involvement
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Facebook, Amazon and Apple are examples of existing businesses that made a strategic move to offer search engines functionality like Google available through its own Internet domains. The threats to Google exists with businesses that are diversifying (related- linked) its services and not by new entrants. If these existing businesses are successful, Google could stand to lose users to Facebook and Amazon since they no longer need to access Google to do their general or product searches.
Facebook has implemented a five year approach to integrate search functions described as “helping people use their network to answer interesting questions or solve problems that they have” using Zuckerberg’s three points of contention to take on Google for dominance (Edwards 2014). The points of contention are a ten year approach to this market strategy before plans can take place. Therefore, if Facebook adds search engine capabilities that involve a network of friends and family to influence them, this environment could prove more inviting, convenient, with products and services included may become the differentiation advantage over Google.
Amazon has differentiated itself by being more of a product search engine rather than general purpose search engine. A market analyst report by comScore Inc., found that Amazon “handles three to seven times as much product searches as Google shopping does,” (Bensinger and Efrati, 2013). As mentioned, Google has

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