Essay on The Effects of Explicit Music

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The Effects of Explicit Music

For years, popular music has involved pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and the negative effects of explicit music has outraged society. There is a fine line that divides vulgarity from artistic expression. Whatever the motive behind the explicitness of popular music, it has many negative consequences on our society and therefore should be stopped.
One reason why the popular music should be less explicit is because this may trigger feelings of aggression. Daniel Levitin, a prominent American cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist, record producer, musician, and writer (2006) claims, “As a tool for arousing feelings and emotions, music is better than language.” It is likely that music with
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The link between drugs and music is not a new theory. It has been going on for generations and will continue to for years to come. Another effect of explicit popular music is that they encourage violent acts towards women. Often in music videos, women are portrayed as objects. They appear to find rappers so irresistible that they are willing to do whatever it takes to be with them. However, it is not always the male rappers diminishing the female dancers. Sometimes female rappers are to blame. Female rappers allow themselves to be viewed as sexual objects and rap almost solely about sexuality. They talk about their willingness to have sex in their songs and dress skimpy. They call themselves “bitches” and “hoes” (Byrd, 2004). An example of this is in the music video for the song “Get Low” by Lil John. The words Mother F’er are repeated 18 times, sweat drops down his balls 11 times and woman are referred to as bitches 9 times, all while the women are dancing provocatively.
The rap industry is guilty of constantly using abusive lyrics toward women. When someone is seen as an object, they aren’t treated with respect and it is much easier to act violently toward them. Rapper Eminem is particularly guilty of writing hateful lyrics about women. His lyrics were so offensive that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had to put a restriction on what he can and can’t say. Talking about women in this manner and talking about the violent acts he claims he

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