Teenage Pregnancy: Keeping Healthy Relationships with All Involved

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High school is the time when many students plan their future and answer the questions: what college to go to, what classes to take, which sports to play, what major to study, and even which clubs to join. The questions of love and dating are also key points many teenagers start to explore. However, when a teenager gets pregnant, those questions begin to change: how to tell their parents, what to do with the baby, and how to pay for everything. Teenage pregnancy has always been frowned upon, but with movies such as Juno showing adolescents the mistaken humor of the situation, the serious consequences of teenage pregnancy (health risks and extreme expenditures) are suppressed. One of the most important decisions they’ll be faced with …show more content…
Keeping the baby, aborting the baby, and putting the baby up for adoption are the three choices mothers have. These agencies provide feedback from current and past clients and counselors to help teens make their decision. They also provide information on the three options.
Teen mothers choose to put their child up for adoption because they want to continue their future as an adolescent without the responsibilities of being a parent. There are four different adoption plan pathways: open adoption, semi-open adoption, identified adoption, and confident adoption. An open adoption allows ongoing communication and contact between the birth parents, adoptive family, and the child. The semi-open adoption plan is for those who don’t wish to communicate openly with the child but wish to check up on them through monthly letters and photos. Birth parents are even allowed to interview different families to pick for their child. If the mother decides on an adoptive family first, they can receive help from any adoption agency using the identified adoption plan. The confidential adoption pathway allows for both the birth and adoptive parents’ lives to be kept private. When the child turns eighteen, they may receive consent from the adoption agency to meet their biological parents if they wish to do so (Rosetta Foundation, “Adoption Info” 1-4). How much the child knows about their birth parents will depend on

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